ServiceNow vs Remedy Review - Which framework is best for business?

Servicenow vs remedy review


    Every business owner wants the best services and products to boost their business by minimizing the workforce and increasing productivity. So they always rely on those who provide them good quality service.

    If you are also providing any services or products it can be any software or hardware to your customer. 

    Then you also need to provide support to that customer. Just like providing them Ticketing services, management system between service desk & technical support.

    Here the IT service management comes into the picture. There are so many IT Management & ticketing services available in the market like Salesforce, JIRA, ServiceNow, and BMC Softwares Remedy. 

    But here we will are discussing ServiceNow vs Remedy!

    About the Technologies:

    ServiceNow Platform:

    ServiceNow is the Application-Platform-as-a-service (APaaS) based application that mainly focuses on how businesses can serve great quality of IT service to their customers by providing cloud-based infrastructure.

    The latest version of the ServiceNow platform has a Great responsive User Interface and navigation to browse the ServiceNow Applications. 

    ServiceNow offers some modules for IT Management like IT Service Management(ITSM), IT Operational management(ITOM), IT Business Management(ITBM), and IT infrastructure library(ITIL), etc. for various IT management applications like Incident, change, request, catalog, Portfolio management, CMDB, Orchestration & Integrations.

    ServiceNow is great in serving Ticket based applications like Incidents, Requests & catalogs. We can create Customised workflows to automate all the ongoing tasks in different services.

    End-users can access the ServiceNow client application through Service Portal, Mobile apps, or through a self-service application.

    It has one centralized Data repository called Configuration management database(CMDB) which is used to manage information of those services.

    Recently ServiceNow has announced its new application module called IntegrationHub. This helps us to implement the customer interactions like API, JSON, Web services, Social media integrations to our applications.

    For more detailed click here - ServiceNow

    BMC Remedy:

    BMC Remedy is also another Software-as-a-service(Saas) based IT management tool. The remedy is an IT Service Management platform from BMC Software.

    BMC Helix Remedy also provides applications for Modules like IT service management. BMC Helix Remedy has popular products like ITSM, knowledge management, Cloud security, Client management, workflows, etc.

    BMC provides One of the best tools to solve the customer's issues through IT Service management. BMC Remedy provides Integrations like REST API, social integrations with the application.

    Remedy provides a free trial instance for newbies to test the software and for learning purposes.

    Remedy comes with in-app analytics which helps to analyze your data for a more precise presentation.

    End-users can access the BMC Remedy application through Service Portal, Native Mobile Apps for iOS & Android, HTML-5 remedy web app through a self-service application.

    BMC Discovery vs ServiceNow Discovery

    BMC Discovery is a BMC agent-less software application that is used to discover the data from different entities like Commercial Desktops, laptops, Printers, network routers, and servers, etc. After that, it stores all the data in BMC CMDB.

    Discovery in a BMC isn't more stable, people often face problems while extracting or fetching the data from BMC CMDB.

    Discovery in Servicenow is a Servicenow application that runs a scan that finds the data from Desktops, servers, and network devices. After the verification, it stores it in Servicenow's centralized configuration database called CMDB.

    Those data contains generally either software or hardware device information. 

    For the entire process, Servicenow searches and updated the data in CMDB without any agent.

    and all of these are achieved by using MID Servers with the help of components like Probes, sensors & Patterns in Servicenow discovery.

    For more detailed features refer to their Official website - BMC Remedy

    Pros & Cons:

    ServiceNow -


    • ServiceNow provides a great user experience as compared to the Remedy platform, it's our personal opinion may vary from person to person.
    • Servicenow has a Huge community and well-explained Docs for learning & training.
    • Servicenow provides ITSM Tools and its applications along with other modules like ITBM, ITOM, & ITIL.


    • Servicenow is quite expensive as compared to others. Thats because of its great service, features, and support. Prices may vary by different customer's needs and requirements.

    BMC Helix Remedy -


    • The Big advantage of the BMC Remedy is its pricing. It offers almost all modules and applications which are required to tackle your business problems at a very less price as compared to ServiceNow.


    • BMC Remedy is known for its IT Service management tools. They also have other module products, but not much optimized.


    ServiceNow -

    ServiceNow offers great support to their customers, as they came into action, if you have any issues or your Instance, isn't working well. 

    ServiceNow also has a huge Community to solve your problems, where you can ask the Question which is on your mind and ServiceNow Experts & other people will help you to fix the problem.

    BMC Remedy -

    BMC has one of the great personal support assistants to their customers.

    BMC also has a community called BMC Community where users ask the question for a quick resolution. 


    Basically, most companies or freelancers purchases ITSM Module. 

    ServiceNow -

    Servicenow Platform offers different pricing models for different needs & requirements. 

    For basic user access US$ 100/yr, but if you are buying for a company then their plan for IT Service Management is US$ 30,000 for small-scale companies.

    BMC Remedy -

    Full-featured BMC Remedy IT Service Management module for single-user license costs 2500-3000 US$.


    Why is ServiceNow the best?

    : Because, it has almost all the tools like IT Incident, change, request, catalog, Portfolio management, CMDB, Orchestration & others that are required to provide IT Services.

    Is BMC Remedy still used?

    : Yes. Most of the companies use it to provide IT Services. It has few features that other Software can't provide.

    Conclusion on Servicenow vs Remedy:

    We have covered all the topics in this article with an unbiased approach. So from all the given aspects, We have concluded that each one has its upside & downsides. Both platforms are great in serving IT management tools.

    If you want software in which has great UI & Multi-application in a single platform, then go with ServiceNow.

    If you want ITSM focused service management tool with the Lowest price, You can consider BMC Remedy for your business problem resolution.

    So, Which one is best in ServiceNow vs Remedy? It totally depends on your personal & end-users requirements.

    If you have any queries regarding the ServiceNow or Remedy platform, drop a comment. We will try to resolve your queries.

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    That is why I can suggest you better solution on ServiceNow vs Remedy to solve your and your clients' IT Business problem.

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