90 fps - PUBG Mobile/BGMI config file Download (game_patch_1.7.0.15349.pak) | Anti-reset | Ultra HD sound

pubg mobile 90 fps config file download

    What is the PUBG Mobile/BGMI 90 fps config file(game_patch_1.7.0.15349.pak)?

    PUBG Mobile/BGMI 90 fps config file + (game_patch_1.7.0.15349.pak) is a combination of a configuration file, Ultra Sound, Ultra HD enabler file, and a .sav file(Save file) that you can download for PUBG Mobile 1.7.

    This Config file will be used to improve the overall gaming performance and user experience. By default, PUBG krafton & Tencent corp. not allow users to use 90 fps and not even 60 fps. 

    So if you have a 90 HZ or higher refresh rate smartphone, then you will be able to play PUBG Mobile in 90 FPS. Otherwise, you will also get a better gaming experience with 60 fps.

    The custom.ini file is the configuration file that is used to set values such as FPS, Display quality, Sound quality is also included in that single file.

    Improved gaming graphics will boost the ranking in Tier and KD in current and upcoming seasons.

    If you want a more optimized Auto headshot + Auto-aim assist file click here - Pubg Super aim assist file boosted | config Active.sav | pubg mobile 1.7.0

    Features of Config (PUBG Mobile/BGMI 90 fps config file) :

    pubg mobile 90 fps config file download

    90 FPS: 

    This Config (game_patch_1.7.0.15349.pak) file enables a maximum of 90 FPS which is the most of the mobile supports. A detailed list of which device supports 90 FPS is enlisted below.


    Earlier we download and use a config file that gets reset after the game restart. But this file is made anti editable mechanism. So No one can edit or reset the file directly.

    NO BAN: 

    It is a 100% Legit & safe method. So your account or ID will not get banned.

    Well optimized and balanced: 

    It is an optimized file so PUBG Mobile will ask you to download low or High graphics according to your device.

    Ultra HDR: 

    It Enables Ultra HDR Mode which has some great realistic graphics. So, you will be able to play PUBG Mobile with Ultra HDR graphics. 

    Ultra HD SFX Sound: 

    Ultra HD SFX Sound is an enhanced audio phenomenon that gives you the ultimate gaming experience. Even you hear the Footsteps of the enemy in gameplay.

    You will need to enable "HD Quality SFX Ultra sound" manually. You can enable it through the Settings > Audio option, then just restart the game.

    Supports almost all phones: 

    This config (game_patch_1.7.0.15349.pak) file supports extreme frame rates for those smartphones which don't support 90 fps. So, you will be able to enjoy the gaming session in 60-65 FPS. Even some players have recorded 70 FPS on their phones.

    PUBG Mobile / BGMI 1.7 Support : 

    It also supports the latest PUBG Mobile 1.7 version. Yes! it supports PUBG Mobile 1.7 version also But you have to take care of something. Apply Both Pak and active.sav files to work well.

    In PUBG Mobile or BGMI 1.7, It will not show the 90 FPS Option but it is enabled by default. Just start playing and you will notice that your game is running more smoothly than 60 FPS.

    PUBG Mobile/BGMI 90 fps supported devices list

    Earlier the OnePlus was the company only that had implemented a 90 or higher HZ refresh rate Display panel. But now many other devices also offer 90 HZ or even 144 Hz refresh rate devices like Xiaomi, Asus ROG Phone, Realme, Poco, and many more.

    • OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T, 7T Pro, 8, 8 Pro, 9
    • Oneplus Nord
    • Realme 7, 8 series, Narzo 20 Pro
    • Moto Razor, M30
    • Vivo X50 series
    • Oppo Reno series
    • Xiaomi Mi 10, 11 series
    • Huawei P40 Series
    • Poco x2, 
    • Nubia Red Magic 3 & 3s
    • Google Pixel 4, 4a, 5
    • Samsung A52, A72, M12, and All Flagship (Note and S series) which are released in 2020 

    More devices will get updated to this list soon...

    Supported PUBG Mobile version :

    • PUBG Mobile Global version(Includes European countries like Germany, UK, France, etc, American counties like US, Canada, Brazil, and Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia & Other)
    • PUBG Mobile Korean & Japanese version
    • PUBG Mobile Taiwanese version
    • PUBG Mobile Vietnamese version
    • PUBG Mobile Indian version or BattleGround Mobile India (BGMI)
    • Game for peace (PUBG Mobile Chinese version)

    How to Download & Install PUBG Mobile/BGMI 90 fps config file:

    1. Download PUBG Mobile/BGMI 90 fps config files (game_patch_1.7.0.15349.pak & Active.sav) from the below link.

    2. Download x-plore file browser to copy and paste the file (Must download if the android version is 11).

    Install PUBG Mobile 90 fps Config file

    3. Open File Explorer, Copy Downloaded File (game_patch_1.7.0.15349.pak), and paste it to PATH Android > data > com.tencent.ig > files > UE4Game > ShadowTrackerExtra > ShadowTrackerExtra > Saved > Paks Folder (Override the file).

    Copying PUBG Mobile 90 fps config file

    4. For Korean people, path is Android > data > com.pubg.krmobile > files > UE4Game > ShadowTrackerExtra > ShadowTrackerExtra > Saved > Paks Folder (Override the file).

    NOTE: Don't rename the .pak file otherwise it will not work!

    5. Open PUBG MOBILE & Enjoy your Game !!

    6. If not working, uninstall and reinstall PUBG Mobile then try!

    Download PUBG Mobile 90 fps Config file:

    Download 90 fps Config (game_patch_1.7.0.15349.pak) file. It really works just paste the files and see the magic. After 2nd restart, it will hide the 90 FPS option but still, you will be able to play PUBG Mobile 1.7 in 90 FPS.

    Conclusion on PUBG Mobile/BGMI 90 fps config file(game_patch_1.7.0.15349.pak):

    This PUBG Mobile/BGMI 90 fps config file is well optimized and balanced to deliver the best graphics and gaming experience. You can use this config + (.Pak) file on all versions of pubg mobile.

    I have bundled this pak file with other configs, especially for those players who don't have good graphics and frame rates on their devices.

    This config enables 60 FPS(extreme FPS) for those players whose device doesn't support a 90 Hz refresh rates display. It also features Ultra HD sound SFX for a better gaming experience.

    Then Download, grab, and apply it on your device! Get ready to destroy all enemies and have a Chicken Dinner!

    If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.


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    Disclaimer: This tutorial is not Any hack or cheats, it is for enhancement. Also, we don't promote any kind of hacking and cheating. The given information is for Educational Purposes only.

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