7 ways to fix 'Google Messages for web not working or showing'

Google Messages for web not working

Google! There is not anyone in this world, who doesn't know Google search. Just like Search, there are multiple applications available.

Google Messages is one of them and it supports multi-platforms. While using the web version, we face issues like Google Messages for web not working

So let's see how to fix those Google message's web platform issues.

    Other common issues with Google Messages for web

    • Google Messages for web Keeps disconnecting
    • Messages for web not connected to the phone
    • Messages for web something went wrong
    • Messages for web QR code not working

    How to fix Google Messages for the web not working?

    1. Unpair Google messages for Web

    Sometimes Unpairing both devices or re-logging the session may fix the camera issues. We have to try it first because everyone's problem's root cause can be different.

    For some people, Re-logging can solve the problem. Because the session stores your login data. These data may get corrupt due to an internal bug of scripting in the server.

    So this simple activity might be helpful overcome the issue. To Unpair the devices to logout the session,

    I] Open your Google Messages for web in browser and Click on    3 Dots.

    Google Messages for web not working

    II] Now click on the Unpair option as shown in the picture. After that Scan QR Code and log in to the new session. 

    2. Clear browsing data

    When we search and opens any website or web app on a browser, it stores some files. So next time the user will visit the website, it will load faster than the previous time. This process is called caching.

    Caching the website can create several issues. Clearing the browsing data may solve this issue.

    Clearing the browsing data means you are clearing everything from your browser like Cache memory, Site data, passwords, form data permissions, etc.

    This kind of information is stored in different types of files in disk storage of pc or laptop. Due to development errors or bugs, those files can create issues with web apps.

    Sometimes cookies and cache files restrict the server to connect with a client-side web browser which may create issues in websites and web apps. 

    I] Open web browser settings option and search for Clear browsing data.

    Google Messages for web not working

    II] Now clear only Cookies and caches data. Now it will clear all issues creating files and reset the environment to run Google messages for the web.

    3. Use inPrivate or Incognito mode

    InPrivate or Incognito mode is the special safe browsing mode that enables the user to browse any website or web application without storing any data inside the web browser. It is available in almost all web browsers.

    It provides users a fresh web browsing environment so the user can search any website just like searching in a newly installed browser.

    So, you will open the Google messages web app without any cache or cookies on InPrivate mode.

    4. Change Internet network source

    I] Try with a different internet connection. It's because some wifi routers are configured in such a way to block specific applications and web services. 

    II] You can also try with other mobile phone's data hotspots to check whether it is working or not?

    III] Also, keep both of your devices (Mobile and PC/Laptop) connected to the same network to perform conversation. So you will not face "Google Message for the web not working" errors.

    5. Don't use a VPN service

    If you are using any VPN app, you might face Messages for web not working or showing

    So we recommend not to use a VPN app or VPN-enabled web browser while using the Messages for web.

    6. Check Messages for web availability

    You've checked everything but still, nothing is working, then maybe the issue is from the server-side.

    So we'll need to check it also to troubleshoot the 'Google Messages for web not working or showing' issue.

    There are so many tools that will check that your website's availability, is it Down or Up? 

    1. Open the Web browser and search 'https://www.freshworks.com/website-monitoring' in the URL. 

    2. Enter Messages for web website URL (https://messages.google.com/web) there.

    3. Check its availability like we have tested our website.

    Check Messages for web availability

    7. Change web browser

    If Nothing is working I your case then you should try another web browser. There are so many full-featured and stable web browsers on the market.

    I will recommend you to use Microsoft Edge if you are using Google chrome. Mozilla and Opera can also be the best option for you. Opera provides an inbuilt free VPN.

    Just like InPrivate mode, you will browse the website on a new browser it will open a certain website freshly. So no cookie or cache file will present on the browser.

    Messages for web QR code not working

    We can connect 2 different devices by using a QR code to open the Google message mobile app's Interface on the web. Sometimes, Due to the internal error in those devices can cause a "QR code not working" issue.

    We can solve this error. Follow the same steps as the previous problem.

    In PC or Laptop:

    I] Try to Clear the browsing data. Clearing data files will reset the web browser.

    II] Open in Incognito browsing or in another web browser.

    In Mobile:

    I] Make sure that both devices are connected to a stable internet connection.

    II] Open Google messages app settings and clear its app cache. Now try.

    Messages for web not connected to the phone

    Messages for web not connected to the phone

    I] This message happens when the "Mobile phone is not connected to the stable internet connection". So make sure your device and mobile phone are connected to a stable internet connection.

    II] Make sure that you are not using any VPN or Tor client on both devices.

    III] Change the Internet network or wifi to another Internet source.

    Why are my Google messages not working?

    You might be facing the following issues because

    • Bug in the current version
    • You're Using VPN
    • Messages for web website server is down
    • Your Internet isn't working
    • A problem in your Web browser
    • Cache and other web browser generated files causing the issue

    How do I activate web Messages?

    1. Open a web browser and visit messages.google.com.
    2. Open Messages app on android device.
    3. Select Messages for web option and scan the Qr code from Website to pair with Web version.
    4. Voila! You have activated Messages for the web sucessfully.


    This is a complete guide that helps to fix issues like Google Messages for web not working, connection, and QR Code issues. We have given each and every solution to fix the issue.

    We have personally tried & tested those on the same issue conditions and working perfectly for us.

    If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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