5 easy steps to fix can't sign into Microsoft store error

Can't sign into Microsoft store
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Can't sign into the Microsoft store - Microsoft's Windows operating system has 75-78% shares out of all Computer markets. Also, you guys had used Microsoft's Windows Operating System several times.

In the Early days, they were providing only the OS. If we wanted any software application we can install it through the Web.

After the release of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft store to download the applications for Desktop, Mobile, & the UWP Apps.

Microsoft store serves modern & native apps like Mobile & tablet apps. It's quite popular among users & Developers. Thats why Major app developing companies and developers have started building apps for Windows 10.

Microsoft Store is much Portable and Flexible than other application stores. It runs on a wide variety of devices like Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Gaming consoles, and VR devices. You can also access it through the website.

Try to fix "can't sign into the Microsoft store"

It's a pretty common error in Microsoft Store, if you face this issue then don't panic just follow the below methods.

The reason for the issue can be different for different people. So try all the techniques which I have suggested here.

You can try some common Windows troubleshooting techniques to fix those errors.

Reset Microsoft Store

Resetting the Microsoft Store might help to fix such issues.

1) First Open the Windows settings app. Now open Apps & search for Microsoft Store it there. Choose Advanced options.

2) Scroll down till you find the reset button & then click on the Reset Button.

It will reset and clear all the Microsoft Store data.

In case, if you face any issue while doing a reset of Microsoft Store just Run Powershell/CMD as Administrator. Put the following code in PowerShell or CMD.

PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command "& {$manifest = (Get-AppxPackage *WindowsStore*).InstallLocation + '\AppxManifest.xml' ; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $manifest}"

Clear the System Cache & Temporary files

If you have cleared data and cache, then try to clear the system's temporary files.

Open Run program and enter the %TEMP% in it and press enter.

It will open the Temp folder, now clear all the files. Also, remove it from Recycle Bin.

For more details read this article Boost your Windows 10 devices! Tips & tricks to tune your PC & laptops

Perform reset using wsreset.exe

If you have tried the reset using windows settings, then we have to do it through a wsreset.

1) Open search and type the wsreset.exe program. It will open a CMD-like program window. Now, wait for the Microsoft store to be repaired.

Perform store reset using wsreset.exe

2) It will open the Microsoft store, then we need to close it and perform the system restart.

Perform store reset using wsreset.exe

Run the script

If wsreset didn't work for you, then alternatively you can use re-register the Microsoft store app through the script. Sometimes, the error may happen because of the corrupted files in the app.

The given code will fix those corrupted files and register them again.

1) Just download the script from here - Microsoft store login error script

2) Open the file and copy the code. Run Windows Powershell as an administrator and Right-click on the top frame > select Edit option, then Paste & Press enter.

paste Microsoft store error script file

3) Now the script will do all the things automatically. Just wait for the process to end, then enter Exit.

4) Now just restart the computer & check if the Store login is working or not?

Install a fresh version of Windows

If you have tried all the previous methods and nothing is working for you, then the last step is, reinstall the windows.

For installation of the new windows, we'll need to create Windows 10 bootable USB. The detailed article on How to make windows 10 bootable Pendrive/USB in easy steps

Just plug in Windows 10 Bootable USB in your computer/laptop & follow the steps. It will take half an hour to install the windows.

After installing the fresh version of windows, your problem is fixed. Try to sign in to your Microsoft Account.

Some more Microsoft store-related queries

Why I am getting the error "Can't sign into Microsoft Store"?

- Its potential reason for the issue is the corrupted files or any software bug. Sometimes the reason can be a network issue or installation error.

Are Microsoft store apps safe?

- Microsoft Store apps are completely safe to use if you have downloaded them from the Microsoft store only.

Just like Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, Microsoft also verifies the app before adding it to their app store.

Is Microsoft Store free?

- Microsoft Store is completely free to use if you have purchased & owned Windows 10 license.

But it has some free & paid apps and Some free apps have in-app purchases.

My views on can't sign into Microsoft store & other issues...

Can't sign into Microsoft Store error is occurring due to some misbehaving files. Clearing temp files, other data & performing reset can solve most of the login & sign-in problems.

So First of all, reset Microsoft Store from app settings. Then try to clear the cache & Data which is stored inside the Storage folder of the Microsoft Store. If both aren't working in your case, then perform the reset using the Command-line tools.

The final and working step is to reinstall the new Windows OS. because installing the new windows will defiantly fix all of the issues.

If you face any difficulties or have any queries regarding the problem comment it down! We will try to resolve it.

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