FIX: Spotify - No internet connection & other errors

Spotify says no internet connection & songs grey out

Spotify is one of the most popular online music streaming apps worldwide. As it is Online music streaming app, it requires a powerful internet connection to play songs.

But sometimes because of some reasons, we may face issues like Spotify says no internet connection, Can't play the current song on Spotify & Song is greyed out.

Here in this article, we'll discover various issues which most users face while using the Spotify app on their Android, and iOS devices, and PCs.

    How to fix Spotify - No internet connection (For Android, iOS & Desktop apps)

    1. Check Spotify isn't in offline mode

    First of all, ensure that you haven't enabled offline mode in your Spotify app. Because it will make your Spotify app offline to play local songs and music.

    Because of that, Spotify will not able to fetch the internet connection and will create connection issues.

    We can disable the offline mode(if enabled) through settings > Offline mode.

    open Mobile - songs greyed out

    On the desktop app, disable the offline mode(if enabled) through settings > Offline mode.

    Spotify says no internet connection for Desktop PC

    2. Keep Spotify updated & Download the latest version

    Updating the app can solve various known & unknown issues. The current version can contain some bugs and glitches which may cause "Spotify not working" issues.

    A new update may bring some enhancements or bug fixes which was causing the problem with the internet connection.

    1. Now, Open the Playstore and then the "updates tab" within Playstore.

    song greyed out -download the spotify

    2. And check if the app is updated or not? If not, then update.

    For the desktop app, try to download Spotify with the latest version update. A new update may bring some enhancements or bug fixes which was causing the problem in the internet connection.

    1. Go to the Spotify website or you can also download the latest version of Spotify from here Windows | MacOS.

    3. Check your Internet connection

    While using Spotify and any other online music streaming app, make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection.

    You can check if your Wifi is working or not? try to reset the router and reconnect the Android, iOS devices & PC with Wifi.

    Also do check the mobile data is working. Stable mobile data is required to stream music on Spotify and any other music streaming app.

    Do some network speed checks with an online internet speed checker. I think this may help to fix the issues.

    4. Change your Internet connection

    If you are using wifi, then switch to other wifi which has better and stable strength.

    Try to restart or reset your wifi router and try is it working? Is Spotify still, saying no internet connection?

    If you are using mobile data, then change the sim card(carrier card) of your mobile or tablet. Try using this check is it still creating issues like Spotify greyed out. 

    If you are using a cable network, check its internet configuration is set properly.

    5. Configure your Internet connection settings 

    Sometimes those issues arise because you haven't done the proper settings of the access point Network(APN). So do check them also.

    1. To change APN settings open settings on your Android or iOS device. Then search for Access point network or Access point names.

    Spotify says no internet connection open Mobile - song greyed outopen Mobile - song greyed out

    2. Follow the path Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Access point Network. Now select only the Internet option, not mmsc or WAP.

    Spotify says no internet connection for Mobileopen Mobile - song greyed out

    3. Restart your mobile phone and Turn on the Mobile data.

    6. Check your firewall

    Check your firewall settings and allowed app list. Allow the Spotify app to access the Firewall through the network.

    1. Open Windows settings and search for the firewall. It will prompt the list of allowed and not allowed apps.

    check the windows settings

    2. Select the Spotify.exe file from this list as shown in the picture.

    check the windows firewall for spotify

    Note: You will need the administrator's right to do that.

    7. Change your Spotify account

    Sometimes a faulty account can create issues and because of this, we may face some serious problems while playing songs on the Spotify mobile app. 

    Changing the account may solve the issue so try with another account. Go to settings and Press sign out. Now log in with another account.

    8. Clear the cache and data

    Clearing the app cache may remove the error and corrupted memory files that cause such issues. It also deletes all unnecessary junk files & frees up internal data storage.

    Clearing cache solves issues like Internet connection and Playing Song issues.

    1. Long press on the Spotify app and then tap on Storage & cache option. Now tap on CLEAR CACHE.

    open Mobile - song greyed out

    2. If it didn't work for you, then select the CLEAR DATA or CLEAR STORAGE option.

    9. Try to reinstall it

    If the previous step doesn't work, then you can reinstall the Spotify app. Reinstall Spotify, it will install the app without any previous cache & local files. 

    Or also try to install the previous version of the app. This will definitely solve your issue.

    1. First of all, uninstall Spotify. For a desktop PC, uninstall Spotify from Remove programs and features.

    2. Open your Playstore and search Spotify and install it or you can install it from the web.

    3. Now log in with your account and check that it still says No internet connection?

    10. Contact the support team

    If nothing works in your case, I will suggest you take guidance from Spotify customer support. 

    Because most of the time, the issue is not from our side. It server-side the issue which is caused due to some coding error or maybe poor maintenance.

    Mail them, and have a conversation with their technical experts. Call them and elaborate on your issue and ask them a query and tell them to suggest a resolution.

    Why does Spotify say no internet connection is available?

    There are multiple reasons for No internet connection in Spotify like Poor connectivity, Wrong Internet or Wifi router configuration, Firewall issues(for PC only), Outdated version, Faulty Spotify account, etc.

    You can fix those issues easily, as we've given a complete guide to overcoming the Spotify connection issues.

    How do I get Spotify back online?

    If you are also facing Spotify's online issue, Apply different methods like we have mentioned in this article. Follow each method, it will defiantly fix your connection problem

    1. Check Spotify isn't in offline mode
    2. Keep Spotify updated & Download the latest version
    3. Check your Internet connection
    4. Change your Internet connection
    5. Configure your Internet connection settings
    6. Check your firewall
    7. Change Spotify account
    8. Clear the cache and data
    9. Reinstall the Spotify app


    As per the above methods, we have concluded that you will not face issues like Spotify says no internet connectionGreying out Spotify & other issues after applying all the methods we explained.

    As we have mentioned above methods are used to fix issues in Spotify on Android, iOS, and Desktop PC devices. Try out each and every step, because everyone has a different reason behind their issue.

    So, If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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