how to screen mirror iPhone to Chromebook with 3 simple techniques!

how to screen mirror iPhone to Chromebook

Sometimes we need to mirror our iPhone screen to other devices like PC, laptops, or maybe Chromebooks! Some people find it quite difficult to do so.

Although their tonnes of apps are available in the market, they can mirror the screen. 

We have some pretty cool desktop apps like AirServer and REFLECTOR 3. But those applications don't run on the Chromebook or on ChromeOS Machine.

We can do mirror the screen of the iPhone to Chromebook with a web app also.

In this article, I will share some easiest ways to share the Screen mirror of your iPhone to Chromebook or ChromeOS.

How to screen mirror iPhone to Chromecast?

I. By using

how to screen mirror iPhone to Chromebook is a simple web app that is used to screen mirror iPhone to Chromebooks, android, windows, macOS & others. 

It requires the web browser to run as a host and for the guest side, you will need the screenmirror iOS app.

It will actually project your iPhones screen to other desktop and laptop devices.

To screen mirror your iPhone to Chromebook:

1) First of all, Download the screenmirror iOS app on your iPhone and allow all required permissions.

Link - ScreenMirror iOS app.

2) then open the web browser and enter the URL to open the Web app.


3) Now open the app and scan the QR Code or enter the text code into the iOS Mobile app from a web app.

4) then tap on the screen broadcast button and then start a broadcast. Now it will start mirroring the iPhone screen to the Chromebook web browser.

It has some drawbacks like it only mirrors the screen of the iPhone, not its sound or audio. You can't run some video streaming apps.

II. By using AirBeamTV

how to screen mirror iPhone to Chromebook

AirBeamTV is also a web app-based screen mirroring software that can run on any device. Just you will need a web browser.

They also have app-based screen mirroring but don't download the app. A web app works perfectly! 

It is cable-free screen mirroring, you can also stream movies and apps like Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, etc.

You can also mirror it to your Smart TV as it supports almost all popular brands.

To screen mirror your iPhone to Chromebook:

1) Install AirBeamTV iOS app from here - AirBeamTV

2) Now open the web browser and open this URL -

3) Open the AirBeamTV app and copy the numeric code and paste it to the Web browser on Chromebook.

4) Now press the screen recording icon on iPhone to start the screen mirror.

III. By using Mirror360

Mirror360 is a cross-platform screen mirroring tool that runs on the guest-host protocol. It also supports almost all platforms including Android, Windows, macOS, Chromebook, etc.

On mirror360, you can also mirror the screen from any device to another device i.e. we can mirror the screen from Chromebook to iPhone also.

To screen mirror your iPhone to Chromebook with Mirror360:

1) Connect your iPhone with the same wifi network on which the Chromebook is connected.

2) Install this Chromebook extension - Mirror360 - mirror iPhone to Chromebook

3) Now start the AirPlay on your iPhone. Open the Mirror360 app on Chromebook.

4) The app will fetch your iPhone when it will come under the network.

Mirror360 also has a pro version which includes some extra premium features like screen mirror/share to 40 devices, lifetime Support through call and email.

Final lines

As I explained the different apps & tools, by using which we can use to mirror the screen from your iPhone to Chromebook within few fractions of time. 

All method I mentioned is working and it definitely helps in screen mirroring from your iPhone to any Chromebook.

First two methods are web app-based screen mirroring and the last one is the Chromebook app extension-based screen mirroring.

Web app-based screen mirroring is the easiest way and I will suggest you use one of them. If they didn't work for you for some reason then go for the other.

If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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