Amazon music app troubleshooting - Ultimate guide to fix issues in Amazon Music app

Amazon music app troubleshooting

Amazon is a Multi-billion US-based company that operated from California. It owns multiple products like Alexa, Amazon's shopping website, Music apps, etc.

Their amazon music app is a song streaming & downloading platform. It is well developed and one of the popular music platforms.

But every application and software has its issues. Here in this article, I will share a detailed guide about troubleshooting the common amazon music app issues.

Some common Errors of Amazon Music

  • Amazon music app crashing
  • Amazon music not downloading
  • Amazon music stops after 30 seconds
  • Amazon music search not working
  • Amazon music keeps stopping
  • Amazon music app won't open
  • Amazon prime music disappeared

Amazon music app troubleshooting 

Previous issues are some common errors in the amazon music android app. This troubleshooting guide will help to solve all the above errors.

Following are the reason why errors are occurring.

Amazon music app crashing and stop working to some extent causes because of bugs or maybe a defect in your device.

The reason for Amazon Music not downloading songs maybe the Internet issue, or the app issue. So, try to download the song using a strong Internet source.

If it still not working, then follow the below steps to configure the amazon music app.

1. Check Minimum system requirements(android)

Before getting started with a guide, have a look at the basic requirements of the Amazon music app to run it properly. Using less capable than minimum requirements can also cause issues.

So upgrade your hardware & software according to the below requirements.

OS - Android 4.4 (x86 architecture) or more than that

RAM - 1 GB or more than that

Storage - 100 MB in free internal or external memory

Internet connectivity - 3G or more than that

2. Update Amazon music app

Updating the app must be the first priority. Because the app may contain Bugs and development errors. A new update may bring some enhancements or bug fixes which was causing the errors crashing, and stop working.

Keeping app up to date is good practice to solve such problems.

1. Open your Playstore and open the updates section.

Amazon music app troubleshooting

2. Now check if an update is available for the app or not?

3. If available then update it and check that issue is still there or not?

3. Clear the cache and data

Clearing the app cache may remove the error and corrupted memory files which causes such issues. It also removes unwanted files & increases your data storage quota.

Remove data only when required, because it stores your app data and your account details along with playlists and favorites in your Internal storage.

Clearing cache solves issues like Amazon music app crashing, not downloading and it is one of the main steps in troubleshooting.

1. Clear cache from setting and search app settings as shown in the above screenshot. Now tap on CLEAR CACHE.


Simply LONG TAP/PRESS on the Amazon music app. Then click on App info and tap on CLEAR CACHE.

Amazon music app troubleshooting

2. If it also not solve your problem, then select the CLEAR DATA or CLEAR STORAGE option from the same setting page.

4. Reinstall the app

If clearing cache and data doesn't work for your case, then you can reinstall the app. Reinstalling will install a fresh version of the app & you will get the app without any bugs and issues.

1. First uninstall the Amazon music app.

2. Open your Playstore and search the Amazon music app and install it or you can install it from the web.

3. Now login with your account and check is it still crashing or not downloading songs?


5. Reinstall the previous version

If re-installing is also didn't work, then you can reinstall the previous version of the app. Because the new version brings new features and also it brings new Bugs & problems.

So, installing an older version may help to fix the Not downloading song and crashing issue.

1. Rollbacking to an older version of the app is not a big deal. First, check the version of the Amazon music app from settings.

2. Search for the previous version number on Google or any other search engine.

3. Download and Open ⚙️Setting. Allow install from unknown sources, the path is settings > safety and privacy > Install apps from Unknown Sources.

4. Now, Open the file manager and open the downloads folder. Install the Amazon music app.

I think there are 90% chances that this method will help!

6. Login with another account

You can also try fixing the issues by signing in with other accounts. Sometimes the account and data stored in it create the problem in apps.

So using the Amazon music app with another account or you can create a new account.

1. Sign out your current account from the app or clear the data from app settings.

2. Now login with another or new account and check if it helps or not?

7. Unenroll Beta program

If you have enrolled in the Beta test program which runs by the parent company of the app. They provide early access to a newer version of the app. 

This version of the app always contains lots of bugs and vulnerabilities. Mostly they are unstable.

1. Go to the play store and open the app page, then scroll down to the beta tester section.

Amazon music app troubleshooting

2. Now tap on unenroll link/button. It will unenroll the current beta version of the app. Now uninstall and install the regular latest version of the app.

8. Change the firmware/device

First of all check for update, if you will found any software update there. Update it because it may help to fix so many issues.

If nothing is working for your case, then you will need to change your device. Some device's software may create those issues.

Either you will need to flash your device with relevant firmware otherwise you will need to change your device.

Final thoughts on Amazon music app troubleshooting

Here I have shared some Amazon music app troubleshooting techniques. either you will have an app crashing issue, Songs not downloading, keep stopping, won't opening, etc.

So, go with what I have mentioned in this article. It is a total of 7-8 methods to troubleshoot amazon's music app each method works for different issues as mentioned.

If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.


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Why is my Amazon music not working?

: It may have issues like the Amazon music app crashing, not downloading songs, Search not working, keeps stopping, the app won't open. You will need to Troubleshooting as I have mentioned all the steps.

How do I reset my Amazon music app?

: Just open Settings, and search the Amazon app settings page or Long press on the amazon music app. Then Tap on clear data. 


you can also uninstall it will also reset your app.

Why do I keep getting a playback error on Amazon music?

: Do update your app or clear app cache from app settings.

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