[FIXED] How to fix Minecraft not responding (with pictures)? 9 different ways to fix it!

How to fix Minecraft not responding

Microsoft's Minecraft has 112 million monthly active users worldwide and it has a huge player base. As we play such high graphic games, we need high-end computers. 

So, sometimes we face issues while playing or launching Minecraft like Launcher issue, Not responding. Here in this article, we will see How to fix Minecraft not responding? 

It will definitely work & it will help you to solve your issue. So, let's start with the steps to fix it.

Minimum system requirements(Windows/PC):

Before getting started with a tutorial, have a look at the basic requirements of Minecraft to run it properly. Using less capable than minimum requirements can also cause Minecraft not responding issue.

So upgrade your hardware & software according to the below requirements.

OS - Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64 bit

RAM - 4 GB or more than that

Storage - 1 GB in internal or external memory

CPU - Intel Core i3/AMD A8/equivalent

GPU - Intel HD Graphics 4000/AMD Radeon R5 series

How to fix Minecraft not responding

Minecraft isn't responding or any other software is not responding is a common issue in Windows.

1. Refresh with Restart

First of all, we should try to reboot the PC. Because sometimes restarting pc fix most of the common issues caused by software glitches. 

Almost every computer user knows how to restart the PC. Just restart your PC and see if it fixes your Minecraft not responding issue or not?

If it doesn't work, then we have many methods to fix it.

2. Update java or install the latest java version

The main reason for the "Not responding" problem is the outdated java software version. As Minecraft update to a newer version, it also needs the latest version of java.

So, to fix the Minecraft launching issue, we have to update or reinstall java. To update java follow the below steps

1. Download Java from here JAVA for Windows according to your system architecture(32 bit or 64 bit), Just install it like every other software file.

2. To add an installed folder path to the variable, Copy PATH and follow.

How to fix Minecraft not responding

3. Now try to launch Minecraft. Is it working or not? Is it still not responding?

3. Disable discord

Discord is the application program using which you can communicate with your friend along with playing an actual game. It runs in the background with Minecraft or any other game.

Sometimes it creates issues on other applications & in Minecraft's case, it creates problems like Not responding. Disabling can solve the problem or you can uninstall it if not required.

1. First of all, head towards the notification center and Disable the Discord by right click on the icon then selects exit.

2. Now restart the Minecraft launcher. If it also not helps then we'll need to uninstall it.

3. Open Remove & uninstall a program from settings or control panel. Now search for Discord and uninstall it.

4. Check for windows update & Keep your Windows up to date

Updating the Operating system and other software are the first priority in such conditions. Sometimes updates fix these issues.

  • Open your windows settings and search for 'Check for update' or 'Windows Update'.
  • Now press on Check for Update button, Now it will fetch the update if available
  • You will receive a windows update(as shown in the picture)
  • Just download and install it. See if it solves your issue or not.
[FIXED] How to fix Minecraft not responding? 9 different ways to fix it!

5. Update Graphics driver

Sometimes due to outdated or corrupted graphics drivers, Minecraft isn't responding issues can also occur. Updating the graphics driver can fix it.

1. First of all, press WINDOWS + R, then type devmgmt.msc then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER(it will run a program as administrator).

How to fix Minecraft not responding

2. Then click on the display adapters, Right-click on the graphic driver, and then on Update driver.

3. Now select Search automatically for drivers and it will search for the latest drivers.

How to fix Minecraft not responding

6. Run Minecraft as Administrator

Try to run Minecraft as Administrator to fix the Not responding problem. 

[FIXED] How to fix Minecraft not responding? 9 different ways to fix it!

1. To do this right-click on the Minecraft desktop icon and click on Properties.

2. Then switch to the Compatibility tab.

3. Check Run this program as an administrator and click Apply then exit.

4. At least, Restart your PC/Computer.

Now check it that, Minecraft not responding is still occurs.

7. Disable mod functions

Many players add MOD features to Minecraft to cheat on the game. So you can try to fix the issue by disabling the MOD features & functions.

1. Open your MOD feature provider application and disable all possible MODs.

2. The best option is you can uninstall it.

Now try to relaunch Minecraft and check that it fixes your issue or not?

8. Clean up your Disk

Temporary files(OR TEMP files) & prefetch files are junks files that decrease the performance of the windows. Temporary & prefetch files make slow your system. Removing those files helps to optimize the system performance.

How to fix Minecraft not responding

To remove those files we have to perform three actions which are as follows:

1. Removing prefetch files: Press WINDOWS + R, then type prefetch.
Then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTERthen it will open the prefetch Folder...
then Press CTRL + A then click DELETE. (Do not forget to remove it from Recycle bin)

2. Removing TEMP files: Press WINDOWS + R, then type %Temp%
Then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER, then it will open a temporary Folder...
then Press CTRL + A then click DELETE. (Do not forget to remove it from Recycle bin)

3. Use Tree command: Using Tree command to reset file structure. It will display to you the folder's tree structure.

9. Reinstall Minecraft launcher

If you have tried all the previous steps, then this step will defiantly help you. Just remove Minecraft and it's all files.

1. Open Add & remove program. Now select a program and right-click on Minecraft. Click on Uninstall/remove program.

How to fix minecraft not responding?

2.  It will remove the previous application program and then we have to remove the program's root folder. Search the Minecraft folder in the Program files folder and remove the entire folder.

3. Now run Minecraft's installer & install it properly. Now restart the Minecraft launcher.

Conclusion on How to fix Minecraft not responding

As you have tried all the methods which are available on the internet, But not any method worked for you? here is the solution for How to fix Minecraft not responding?

All the mentioned methods are proven and personally tested. It will definitely help to fix the issue on Minecraft not responding & the high CPU usage issue is also fixed.

If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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