uTorrent pro apk 6.5.7 - Difference between utorrent and utorrent pro

uTorrent pro apk 6.5.7 review (10 MB) - Difference between free and pro version

Here in this article, we have explained what is Utorrent pro apk & the difference between utorrent and utorrent pro.

What are the utorrent pro apk and Torrent client?

uTorrent is a torrent client developed by BitTorrent corp. It is used to download media files, pictures, games, and any other files.

The utorrent pro apk is a pro version of the utorrent app which offers premium features like ad-free browsing and different modes. Now the question arrives here, We can download files from google or the internet also.

Yes! Both mediums are used to download files. But consider if you have a large audience base who are trying to download files at the same time. It will create a load on your website server.

On the other side, you just have to upload the file to a torrent server and a torrent client like uTorrent & BitTorrent will open and download this file. At the same time, Torrent clients also upload the file to the torrent server. 

So next time anyone will download the same file, the Torrent client will download a file from the source and from whom who have downloaded the same file. This increases the speed of torrent downloading. Those contributors called "seeders" and Downloaders called "leechers".

Seeders and leechers impact the downloading speed of the torrent file. choose a high number of seeders and a low number of leechers files. That provides the best downloading speed.

It also supports a magnet torrent. magnet torrent uses a hash table that searches for connecting nodes. If it finds a relevant node, then it downloads files from that torrent server.

Difference between utorrent and utorrent pro

You can download both free and pro versions from the google play store. In the free version, you can download any torrent without any issue. But if you want more features like no ads, Wifi only mode, battery saver mode background.

In the free version, if your battery is below 15% utorrent android system enables battery saver mode. Due to this, torrent stops and disables downloading files which feel irritating. 

In a paid PRO version, torrent does not stops torrent downloading even in battery saving mode. For that, we need to buy a pro subscription which costs around 2-3$.

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The Pro version offers auto-shutdown mode while the free version can't! Auto-shutdown mode auto closes app after downloading is complete and puts it in background mode.

The main difference and feature of the PRO version is security. PRO version is highly secure means it protects you from malware and viruses which are harmful to your device.

The free version is also secure but it has some vulnerabilities and is less secure as compared to the PRO version. To get the pro version you need to download it from the Google play store or upgrade it from the app.

Main features of uTorrent pro apk:

One of the big difference between utorrent and utorrent pro is Utorrent pro provides more features than the free utorrent version

Clean UI - It offers a more precise and clean UI experience. So, navigation within the app becomes easier.

AD free - Banner ads are removed in utorrent PRO Apk. 

Lightweight - App is lightweight and works on almost every device which has RAM from 1 GB and more.

Integrated Music and video player - You can stream music or watch videos while downloading. So, you will not need to wait until downloading is finish.

No speed and size limits  - PRO version offers unlimited bandwidth and downloading file size so you need not worry about file size.

Licensed version - utorrent pro apk is a licensed version of a normal utorrent app.

Wifi-only mode - It has a wifi-only mode that restricts and save mobile data.

Multiple language support - this version supports multiple languages like English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and German.

How to use the utorrent pro apk?

The torrent app is used to fetch and download the desired file using the torrent file. 

1. People uploads files to the torrent server through the torrent website. We access those files through torrent files.

2. To download your file, you will need to download a torrent file from torrent search engines just like torrentz.eu, Piratebay, and kickass Torrents.

3. Now open the file using the utorrent pro apk. You can add a torrent file to the utorrent app or you can open a torrent file directly.

4. It will start downloading your requested file. After downloading is complete stop the process. That's it!

System requirements:

Android device - Mobiles, tablets, or TV.

Android version - 5.0+ (Lolipop)

RAM - 1 GB or more than that

Storage - 50 MB in internal or external memory

Root Access - No, Root access is not required.

Internet connection - Internet connection is required(Wifi or Mobile data)

File information:

File Name
utorrent pro apk
version 5.6.7
size 10.1 MB
Features utorrent premium and pro features available
Updated on 1 Feb 2021

How To Download & Install utorrent pro apk:

1. Download apk from the below link.
2. Open ⚙️Setting. Allow install from unknown sources, the path is settings > safety and privacy > Install apps from Unknown Sources.
3. Install the Utorrent pro apk.
4. Now, Enjoy your App !!!

Conclusion on utorrent pro apk:

uTorrent is one of the best torrent clients which offers unlimited downloading speed and size, magnet links support, and many more features as we have seen in the review. 

There are many differences between utorrent and utorrent pro like It minimizes most of the effort than other torrents because of its Pro features.

To get the pro version you need to download it from the Google play store or upgrade it from the app

If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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Is the utorrent pro apk safe to Download and install?

: Yes. utorrent pro apk is completely safe. As it is a simple web app that shows you videos from a server through the cloud infrastructure.

Is utorrent pro apk free?

: Yes. utorrent pro apk is free to use and download torrent files. You will need to buy a subscription for that.

Is it legal to use utorrent pro apk?

: Yes, utorrent pro apk is legal to use.

utorrent is used for piracy?

: We can utorrent is used for piracy. But, this is not the main purpose of a torrent.  NOTE: Piracy is illegal. We do not promote piracy. 

Does this app provide features like the utorrent pro app?

: Yes, it provides the same features which an official utorrent pro app offers.

Is utorrent pro worth it?

: Yes. uTorrent Pro has some great features like Clean UI without any Ads, 

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