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What is PUBG Mobile Config file :

PUBG Mobile config file or Pubg Super aim assist file is a combination of a configuration file and a .sav file(Save file). The custom.ini file is the configuration file that is used to set values such as FPS, Display quality, Sound quality, etc.

These files are used to improve PUBG Mobile game performance. Default Aim assist set by PUBG Mobile developers is 30%. But this Config provides you up to 60-70% improved Aim-assist. This improved aim assist results in better aiming and firing during gameplay. It also helps to give a perfect headshot to an enemy.

Features of Config (Pubg Aim assist File) :

Super Aim-Assist: This Config (Active.sav) file offers 70% Aim assist which is the maximum the pubg mobile supports.

Auto Headshot: Due to Super aim-assist Chances of headshot increases, just put aim near the body.

NO BAN: It's not any kind of Hack, so you will not get banned due to this.

Well optimized and balanced: Config is optimized for crisp headshots and balanced so you will not get a BAN.

Extreme Frame rates: This config supports extreme frame rates even if your smartphone doesn't support extreme frame rates. So, you will enjoy the gaming session in 60 FPS.

Supported PUBG Mobile version :

PUBG Mobile Global version
PUBG Mobile Korean version
PUBG Mobile Taiwanese version
PUBG Mobile Vietnamese version
PUBG Mobile Indian version(Not released yet)
Game for peace (PUBG Mobile Chinese version)

How To Download & Install PUBG Mobile Config file :

1. Download File from below link.
2. Open File Explorer, Copy Downloaded File (Active.sav), and paste it to PATH Android > data > com.tencent.ig > files > UE4Game > ShadowTrackerExtra > ShadowTrackerExtra > Saved > SaveGames Folder (Override the file).
3. Open PUBG MOBILE & Enjoy your Game !!


Refer to this video - Super Aim-Assist Config

Download Links :

Download Config (Active.sav) file according to your RAM of phone.

Conclusion on Pubg Super aim assist file:

This Pubg mobile Super aim assist file is well optimized and balanced, so you will not face any issues during a game session. It supports almost all versions of pubg mobile.

I have created this config especially for those players who like to give headshots. Also, this config enables 60 FPS if your phone doesn't support 60 FPS(extreme FPS) then this config is for you.

Then go and apply config and get ready to destroy all enemies and have a great chicken dinner night!

If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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