What is a game engine? top 4 popular game engines!

If you are a Software developer, you can develop apps using programming languages for Operating systems like Android, iOS, Linux, or windows. 

But, what if you have a framework and libraries to develop an app? It will make programming easier.

Just like that, If you want to develop a game, you can do it from scratch by using any programming language, or else you can use a game engine. Game the engine makes development much simple than a traditional one.

The game engine is a platform to develop a game. But, exactly what is a game engine?

What is a game engine?

What is a game engine? top 4 popular game engines!
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The game engine is an environment in which we can develop any game by using its in-built functionalities and features. 

We can develop a game using programming language from scratch, but this method of game development is tedious and time-consuming.

Game engines are used by many high-end graphics games manufacturers because it provides some functionalities which enable the more precise way of development.

Game engines provide functionalities like 2D-3D graphics engine, AI, physics engine, Networking, coding, animation, sound and memory management, multithreading, etc. 

Some Game engines are designed to do a specific in-game task and are developed specifically for that game.

Game engines use a Render Engine to render the graphics. It shows 'How game components like trees, grass, buildings and any other objects will look?'. 

When Game engine upgrades then render engines become more advanced and powerful after each update. That's why we can feel realistic graphics in games!

The animation engine takes care of the movement of the specific objects and game components. 

The physics engine is used to simulate the real-life objects which are created by a render engine. A physics engine is used in Body dynamics like Rigid, soft, and liquid body dynamics.

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AI! the most important part of Game engines. AI Engines uses its algorithm to do some in-game tasks. It automates the opponent players which are runs using a computer. 

They are not actual players, the computer automates them using AI Engine to improve the game experience.

The latest technology-based game engines use the best sound management with more improved and realistic in-game sounds. Networking comes into the picture when we required to connect and play with a friend.

Last and one of the important parts of game development is the use of scripts to automate some functionalities like in sniping or gun game, we press the fire button to fire a bullet and this is accomplished by using the script. 

The scripting language can be different for a different Game Engine. Some game engines use java, some use C# and some use Python. 

Most popular game-engine unity also uses C# and some web-based games use JavaScript.

Examples of some popular Game Engines

What is a game engine? top 4 popular game engines!

There are so many Game engines available and some examples of popular game engines are the Unity Engine, CryEngine, Gamemaker studio, and Unreal Engine.

Unity Engine:

Unity Engine is a free open-source game engine that is quite popular among developers for game development. 

Unity Engine takes some amount from developers who are able to earn more than 10,000 USD per month through the developed game. Games like Temple Run, Crossy Road, and Angry birds 2 are developed using the Unity game engine.

The most popular multi-player game PUBG and pubg mobile are also developed using the Unreal Engine which is designed by Epic games. An unreal Game engine is also an Open-source game engine. 

Unreal Engine 5:

The latest version of Unreal Engine is Unreal Engine 5. some other games are developed by using Unreal Engine are Infinity blade and paragon. 

It supports almost all OS systems like Android, iOS, UWP(windows mobile and next-gen PCs), Linux mac, windows, web, and console


CryEngine is used to develop Crysis and its all versions. CryEngine's price is 9.9 USD/month were which can available all advanced CryEngine features. 

CryEngine is cross-platform and having support for platforms like Windows, Linux, box, PlayStation, consoles, etc.

Gamemaker Studio:

Gamemaker Studio is one of the best 2D game engines which is used by most game developers, due to its easy development, multiplayer support, and In-game analytics. 

This game engine is very easy to learn because it does not require any coding. You just need to drag and drop the game components!

My final words on What is a game engine

At the end of the day, game engines are the combination of different libraries and different platforms which makes Game development easier and more precise.

There are different Game Engines available according to our needs. Some game engines are for 2D, some for 3D game development. 

Some game engines designed for racing games and some for War. What do you think about the Game engines? Tell me in a comment down below.

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