Tor vs VPN | Which is most fast and secure?

Tor vs VPN

If you are searching for which will help you to website privately with security, then you can go with several options like VPN and Tor. VPN and Tor, both are best for different uses. Both are uses for secure browsing and private web surfing.

We will see here the Tor vs VPN and which one is the best and most suitable for your specific task. 

Tor vs VPN - Which one is best?

Tor is the tool that sends your data through different IPs in an encrypted format, while VPN is a network system that uses encrypts the data and transfers it through a virtual tunnel securely.

Tor Network provides you service for free of cost. VPN is available in the free and paid version. Paid VPNs provide you more secure and safe network with all features. But Free VPNs are less secure and they can leak your data.

Tor vs VPN

In terms of speed, you will get an 80-90% speed drop in the Tor network while in VPNs you will get a 10-25% speed drop while browsing or data sharing. For video streaming, you can't use the Tor network or browser for streaming and generally, people use VPN for streaming.

You cannot select your desired location in the Tor browser. In VPN, free VPN provides a limited selection of locations and a paid VPN provides unlimited location selection.

The main advantage of the Tor network is Tor Browser, here you will not need to connect to tor network, Just open a Tor browser and start using it. But you can't use the Tor network for apps you will use it only to surf the websites. You can use a VPN not only in the browser but also in apps.

Tor doesn't support P-2-P Downloading, so here you have to use a VPN for P-2-P downloading. Your ISP can get to know that you are using the Tor network Browser. But they can not access your data.

Tor Browser uses different IPs and this makes the Tor network anonymous and more secure, while the VPN network is used only one IP at a time. So, Tor is best for anonymity.

Both Tor and VPN network is best in terms of privacy and both are capable to keep you private. 

In the Tor Browser, the data jumps within the nodes and

To visit the .onion website, you will need a Tor browser or Tor network. VPN will not work here and the Tor browser is preferred and mandatory for the .onion website. Examples of .onion websites are SecureDrop,, Hidden wiki, and CIA, etc.

Tor vs VPN

VPN is easy to use for apps and few blocked website surfing as compared to the Tor network. If you have to do a lot of web surfing or 1-2 hours of web surfing, the Tor browser is the best option.

Final lines on Tor vs VPN

If your aim is anonymous, security, and work security, go with the Tor browser. But if your main focus is Geographical content, P-2-P download and streaming the content all with the best speed, then I'll suggest you a VPN.

And if you are not satisfied with the security of either Tor or VPN, you can also use a combination of both networks. NordVPN and ExpressVPN both support the use of Tor within a VPN network.

So, Download both the networks and their apps then use them according to your need and purpose. I personally have both, and I use both according to the situation.

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