Chrome OS is not running smoothly? Tips to clean up Chrome OS

Chrome OS is not running smoothly in Windows 10? Tips to clean up Chrome OS

Chrome OS is one of the best & incredible operating systems for computing devices. Because of its booting time, lesser time for an update, simple User Interface and there are so many reasons that you will love Chrome OS.

Chromebooks and other Chrome OS Devices are cloud computing devices and that's why they are very fast.

But sometimes, you are not taking care of your devices. Your Chromebooks or other chrome devices may become slow and sluggish. I want to tell you some tips to optimize your chrome devices and to keep them running smoothly.

Tip 1: Clean up your Extensions

Extensions are a smaller version of applications that runs on your web browsers. The main motive of these extensions is to provide a more productive way to do your work.

There are various varieties of Extensions like Grammarly for writing, Google Docs and there are so many SEO Tools, Drive extensions are available.

But if you are not updating them and not maintaining them properly, then they become outdated. As a result, you will face issues like your device becomes slow, High Bootup time, Screen Blank issue.

You can check and maintain those extensions by clicking the setting option and searching there 'Extension'. Remove those extensions which you are not using anymore.

Tip 2: Close apps from Task manager

Closing processes and apps that are running in the background are Mandatory to minimize your CPU and RAM Usage.

When you start your chrome devices, some tasks, processes, and apps that you have recently used or you are using it right now takes your CPU's power, GPU, and some Memory.

But you can't see them and basically, they run in the background. you can't see them. But they take your power and battery, takes up your computer's speed which makes your Computer or Chromebook slow.

What you have to do here, is go to the keyboard and press the SHIFT + ESC keys. And it will open Task Manager for you. Now close all running apps and processes that you aren't using anymore.

Tip 3: Clean up your Hard-Drive

Chromebooks and other Chrome OS Devices are designed in such a way that, OS will run in Cloud to run it smoothly. So, the Hard Drives in Chromebooks are not as big as you found them on Mac or Windows devices.

It's because ChromeOS Devices are runs on the cloud and stores their data mostly on cloud-based drives like google drive.

But sometimes it stores files on Hard Drives, you should have to add it to Google Drive to save Hard Drive space. So, it will keep your Chromebook Devices running fast.

Tip 4: Automate downloads folder upload to cloud

This tip is related to your downloads and this will help to run your Chrome devices smooth and fast.

You have to set a download folder in a way that, it will upload to Google drive. When you download any file and it will automatically be uploaded to Google Drive. So, it will keep your Hard drive free.

Also, if you are resetting your device or logging into other devices. You will not need to take any backup. Because your files were already uploaded to Google drive.

You just need to go to Google Drive and create a folder as Downloads. Then go to settings and set it as your default download folder and you're done! 

Whenever you will download any file, it will directly be uploaded to this downloaded folder in Google drive.

Tip 5: Remove apps that you not use

The next tip is to analyze and remove the apps that you do not use regularly or you haven't used it for a long time. Uninstalling those Chrome OS apps will help to optimize your Chromebook devices to make them run faster.

You can list those apps through the app manager, app manager lists all the apps that are installed on your Chrome devices. You just have to analyze it and uninstall it as if it is required or not?

Tip 6: Boost your CPU if you support it

Boosting your CPU's hidden capabilities is one of the best methods to increases your device's performance. It can make your device much more powerful but it can be harmful to the device's eco-system.

You can unlock CPU's Disabled features if your CPU Support it. You should have a multi-core processor to enable hyper-threading performance.

Go to Google Chrome and type chrome://flags/#scheduler-configuration in the address bar. Now search for 'Scheduler Configuration' and enable it (it will be default or disabled).

It will unlock disabled 4 core if you have 8 core processors. You will not see any changes in day to day use or web browsing, but it will help to speed up your overall performance.


Tip 7: Powerwash your chrome devices

The last tip for better optimization is you have to do Powerwash i.e. Reset the Chrome OS. If your Chrome devices are running slow even you have tried everything, then Powerwash remains an option for you.

To Powerwash the Chrome OS, you need to go to settings and search Powerwash. Powerwash will reset your all files, apps, and settings, so you will get a fresh OS that will be new and fast.

But you have to take care of some things like you need to do Backup i.e upload your files and folders to Google drive.

Conclusion on Tips to clean your Chrome OS

Yes! these are some tips that help to optimize your chrome devices. I know chrome devices don't require anything as they are runs on a cloud-based platform and they are already fast.

But I have given tips that will solve your problem maybe if you have any issues regarding the chrome device's performance and speed or you have to speed up your chrome devices.

I hope these tips will help you and if not or even you have any issue regarding chrome OS or chrome devices. You can message me here, I will definitely help you!

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