Tiktok alternative: Top 5 short video apps available in India!

Tiktok Alternatives

The Indian government has banned the Tiktok in June, for stealing Indian user's personal data and storing it in china's server. 

After this announcement, Tiktok's parent company ByteDance faced a loss of around 6 Billion USD because had more than 100 Million (10 Cr), Active users.

So, after the ban, most of the Tiktok users are in searching for the best Tiktok alternative and the best short video app. Here I have suggested some best Tiktok alternatives.

1. Instagram Reels

Tiktok alternative - Instagram reels
"Instagram Reels" by Solen Feyissa is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Last year Instagram launched a feature called Reels, which is an Instagram story feature which is a copy of the Chinese social video app Tiktok. As we all know, Facebook copies every single other social media platform's features. 

Because Instagram is owned by Facebook. Here, they have TikTok's format and they have added this feature to Instagram stories as a feature.

Initially, it was launched in Brazil, then France and Germany. But, now it is available in almost all countries.

It also has the same feature as a Tiktop. You can make a video with music and sounds, add effects, and Control speed.

Available Platform: Google Play store | App Store

2. YouTube Shorts

Tiktok alternative : YouTube shorts

Youtube Has played a smart game, they launched the Youtube shorts just after TikTok is got banned in India. This will help those YouTubers who have just started or Who are willing to start their channel.

Tiktokers are also coming to this platform and youtube has planned a Free Youtube short course in various Indian languages. 

This is still in the Beta stage, which means you will face some issues during editing or making a video. In the coming days, Youtube will bring some extra features and filters.

Available Platform: Works on both android and iOS, it's preinstalled you just have to open the YouTube app.


3. MX Takatak

Tiktok Alternative - MX Takatak
MX Takatak logo by logo-fandom available under CC-BY-SA 

After the Tiktok is getting banned in India, nowadays Indian developers and media app companies are working on Tiktok Alternative. Just like that, a company(MX Media) that has developed MX Player launched a short video app called Takatak with its brand name MX.

There are 6 million+ active creators are present in MX Takatak. Here you can create any type of short video, Lip sync video, and trending music videos.

MX Takatak's UI is almost the same as Tiktok's User Interface. Also, it comes with all the Tiktok's features like add song/music to video, a Speed controller, sound effects, etc.

Available Platform: Google Play store App Store

4. Josh

Tiktok Alternative - Josh
Josh logo by logo-fandom available under CC-BY-SA 

Josh is a short video app that is developed by E-newspaper App Dailyhunt. Dailyhunt is an Indian company headquartered in Bangalore. You can make Funny, comedy, viral, Glamour, and Trending videos.

First of all, Josh is a Made in India app, so you will get dozens of regional languages here. By josh, you can make 15 min videos with music effects. It also has the same Interface as Tiktok.

Most of the Tiktokstar like Faisu, Faiz Baloch, Adnaan Shaikh, Shadan Farooqui and sameeksha sud are Jumped to josh after the Tiktok ban.

Available Platform: Google Play store App Store

5. Roposo - Indian short video app

Tiktok Alternative - ROPOSO
ROPOSO logo by logo-fandom available under CC-BY-SA 

ROPOSO is a short video app whose developer firm is based in Gurgaon, India. Roposo is available in almost every Indian language. In roposo, you can create videos on channels like fashion, funny, prank, comedy, Glamour, Lip-sync, Hindi movie dialogues, and many more.

Roposo 15 min short Videos have effects like Slow-motion, time-lapse, color light & mono light. You can download the videos you like or share it with your friends through various mediums like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, direct, etc.

Available Platform: Google Play store App Store

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