How to make your Android device much faster!!! - Latest tips & trick in 2021

How to make your Android device better than ever!!!

When you buy a Brand new android smartphone, it runs very smoothly at the beginning even though the mobile phone is cheap or expensive. But after some days, it starts lagging or getting hang while using.

Do you want to make your android smartphone fast and better for day-to-day use? Here I'll share some tips & tricks with you. 

So, You will able to run your android smartphone run smoothly and it will run apps just like a brand new android phone.

People often get frustrated when their android phone doesn't run smoothly or becomes slow. here I will explain each technique, which will definitely solve your problem, even if you are using an old android phone or a new one.

Free your Internal Storage

Keep the one thing in your mind, when android phones become slow and laggy? In most cases, when your internal storage either is 32GB,64GB, or 128GB gets full or near to that. Your Android smartphone has become slow!

So, the clear thing is that you have to make it free. That is the most important tip you have to do.

But how can I do it? The answer is, first of all, remove Bloatware or any preinstalled apps from your phone which you hardly use in your day-to-day life. Keep only those apps that you use on regular basis.

Remove the video which eats a huge amount of MBs especially captured and unwanted WhatsApp videos. Also, delete the pictures that you don't want. 

You can take a backup o those pics and videos in Google Photos. Google photos app provides this great feature without any cost.

Make sure that you don't have cache memories and junk files. Because that takes a lot of memory in your internal storage. To remove cache memory files, you have to go to setting and search app settings as shown in the above screenshot.

For Junk files, you can use, Google's File manager app 'files by google'. This app has some great features which will help you to remove unwanted media and junk files from your android device.

Use Fast SD Card / Memory Card

Use fast SD Cards - How to make your Android device better than ever!!!

Generally, we use cheap & low-quality SD Card on our mobile phones which slow down our phones. I suggest you, go for a Class 10 or Class A high-quality MicroSD card.

It will cost more than your normal MicroSD Card but it will perform very well in terms of speed and overall performance. When we will use those MicroSD cards, it also increases the copy-pasting speed.

Remove Animations and Unwanted Widgets

Now we have removed the unwanted things from Internal Storage and Used SD Card for more speed. Now still, you are facing the same issue.

Try to remove Unwanted Widgets and application shortcuts from the home screen. Those app shortcuts and widgets slowdowns android devices. Make sure that you have a clean home screen.

Second thing, Animations! why did you need animations? Also, disable all animations from the developer option of the mobile settings as shown in the below screenshots.


Yes, I know most people like Animations on their phones. But if you will turn it off then you'll see that the speed of your phone is increased.

Close background apps time-to-time

We use dozens of apps daily, after using these apps we did not close them. Close recent apps regularly.

We keep them in the background and these results increase in RAM which makes your android device slow.

Remove Background activity & apps after every use. So, it will help to reduce your device's resource use. 

Don't use Cleanup apps

Say no to cleanup apps

Never ever use Cleanup apps! These apps will add Adware to your smartphone. They didn't clean your smartphone. Once they were really useful.

Nowadays these apps are no more required because android itself is enough and capable to clean your device. So, say no to Cleanup apps.

Try to Use lighter Version of the Apps

Also, there is one best practice. If you are a social media user, Use the Lite version of the app. For example, the Facebook app uses a lot of processes and eats a huge amount of battery. Instead, use Facebook Lite.

So, use the Lite version or Go edition of the app like Facebook lite, Twitter Lite, Messenger Lite, Uber Lite, Youtube Go, Google Maps Go, Photos Go, etc. Use these apps which will decrease the load from your device.

If you are feeling your mobile app launcher is making your phone slow. Use the Lite app launcher here also.

Update your phone regularly

Update your phone regularly

Regularly update your mobile phone. But sometimes you are updating your phone to a major version of the OS or you can say it OS Update

In such a case, this updates some major changes in OS if can affect your device performance. Sometimes it may decrease your phone speed.

Before doing an update, do research on updates. Is it contains bugs or changes that will affect your device speed? 

Do remember one thing, Keep your mobile phone updated, especially the security updates. Because these updates are very important in terms of performance and security.

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Do Hard reset

Finally! You have done everything. But nothing worked for you! Then you have to do one thing. DO HARD RESET!

Yes! Do Hard Reset. First of all, Make sure you have taken a backup. Upload the important files to the drive or save them to the PC. Do google photos Backup, it will backup your photos and videos for free.

After a hard reset, your phone will run like new! This is the final step to do and it will definitely work for everyone. In fact, it is a good habit to do a hard reset every 3-4 months.

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