Best websites for royalty free images that I personally use!!

Best websites for royalty free images

If you are a blogger, you must follow all guidelines of copyrighted content. You need to write unique & plagiarism free posts and to use copyright free images. 

But one question arises here is that, from where you can download or use Copyright free or Royalty free images for your blog post. How can we download royalty free images for our blog post?

These pics are captured by some other photographers or created by artists and designers. You can use those pictures and photographs in your blog posts. 

You just need to give attribution or pic credit to that specific pic owner. But in some cases, you can use images and pictures without giving credit to the owner.

CCSearch - Search for Content to Reuse

Best websites for royalty free images
Credit: CCSearch

CCSearch is the best website for royalty free images. Because it provides so many filters and results in options. First of all, CCSearch stands for Creative Commons Search.

When we search for something, CCSearch searches the results from other top copyright free websites. Flickr also provides filtered license searches for images just like google.

You can filter the image according to your need. For some pictures, you have to give the attribution of a specific pic owner for the picture.

Image licenses - Best websites for royalty free images
CC0 - This work has been marked as dedicated to the public domain.
Public Domain Mark - This work is marked as being in the public domain.
BY - Credit the creator.
BY-SA - Credit the creator. Share adaptations under the same terms.
BY-NC - Credit the creator. Noncommercial uses only.
BY-ND - Credit the creator. No derivatives or adaptations are permitted.
BY-NC-SA - Credit the creator. Noncommercial uses only. Share adaptations under the same terms.
BY-NC-ND - Credit the creator. Noncommercial uses only. No derivatives or adaptations are permitted.

These are the licenses and public domains of the pictures. Choose whether you want a pic for commercial purposes like to use in a blog, video, or website. 

If you want to use the pic in non-commercial areas like for presentation, to explain to someone in social sites or anything which is non-profitable.

Visit CCSearsch

Unsplash - Beautiful Free Images & Pictures

Unsplash - Beautiful Free Images & Pictures
Credit: Unsplash

Unsplash is well designed, fast, one of the best websites to download copyright free images for your blogs & Youtube videos. You just need to create one account to use this service for free.

Unsplash has some cool pictures which are clicked by professional photographs or created by artists. All the pictures are copyright free but you have to give pic credit for every picture which you use on your blog or video. 

It offers pictures in almost all resolution and in High Quality, just like HD, FullHD, Ultra HD and 4K, etc. This website has few images than other websites like Pixabay & Flickr, but the quality of the pictures are great than those other websites.

Unsplash also has an iOS mobile app. So, you will not need to search the website to download the time-consuming picture.

Visit Unsplash

Flickr - Best websites for royalty free images

Flickr - Best website for royalty free images
Credit: Flickr
Flickr has a wide variety of pictures of Stock images. Flickr is one of the oldest websites, It is established in 2004.

As it is being old website, it has numerous collections of images and photographs.  

Flickr Filter License

They have a paid version of Flickr images which includes some extra features like an AD-free web version, auto upload to Flickr Account, and many more.

Visit Flickr

Pixabay: 1.8 million+ Stunning Free Images to Use Anywhere

Pixabay: 1.8 million+ Stunning Free Images to Use Anywhere
Credit: Pixabay

Pixabay is the most loved Copyright free and free stock images among the content creators like bloggers and YouTubers. 

This is because it has some best features like 'Free for commercial use' and 'No attribution required'.

It provides images that are completely free for any commercial purpose and you do not require to give any kind of credit or attribution to the specific pic owner. Just download the image you want and use it in your website blog or video.

It has a huge set of pics and images, but the quality is a concern. Pixabay images are not as good as other websites like others.

Visit Pixabay

Free stock photos - Pexels - Best websites for royalty free images

Free stock photos - Pexels - Best websites for royalty free images
Credit: Pexels

Pexels is also the best choice for Free Stock Photos and copyright-free videos. It has filters like Orientation, size & color. So you can categorize images according to your use.

Pexels uses a CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) license which means, Images and videos which are available in Pexels are free to use both personally and commercially. 

Here also No image credit is required. Also, you can edit and modify images according to your requirements. 

Also, they have their own pic editor tool for images. So you can edit your pics in one platform from where you have downloaded images. This saves your time!

Visit Pexels

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