Yoast SEO Plugin for Blogger website! with Best Yoast SEO settings

Yoast SEO for Blogger

We all know that WordPress has some great On-Page SEO Optimization tools and plugins. Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins in WordPress. By using this, we can rank our articles on google easily. But we can't find such a plugin on the blogger platform.

So, here the question comes out How to use Yoast SEO Plugin for Blogger website! If you will do any mistake while writing the article, Yoast SEO Plugin will correct it and it will suggest the right option for that.

This method is 100% free and legal. So, you will not require any purchased hosting and domain. First of all, you will need to create one WordPress website with free web hosting.

Create Free web hosting + Free Domain for the website

You can use any hosting services that provide free hosting. Here I'm using Ultimate free host which provides a secure, reliable, and Lifetime Unlimited Free web hosting and a Free Domain.

Step 1 - Click on "Signup free". Fill in the details and Click on Free Plan.

Yoast SEO for Blogger

Step 2 - After that, they will send Activation mail (Check-in SPAM Folder also). Click on the given link. It will take some time and you'll redirect to the page.

Step 3 - Then they will send a Cpanel Username & Cpanel Password. Login to Cpanel with Credentials. Press 'I AGREE' to proceed further. Now Your Cpanel will be activated.

Yoast SEO for Blogger - free hosting

Step 4 - Scroll Down to Subdomains. Create a subdomain by adding name and subdomain as shown below picture. Click on Create.

Yoast SEO Plugin for your Blogger

Add website to WordPress and install Yoast 
SEO Plugin

In this, we will be going to install Install WordPress-admin for our website. From here, you will able to install any plugin for your website in WordPress to use for Blogger.

Step 1 - Now to install WordPress, Scroll down to the Softaculous option, and click it. Do changes in settings according to your need and press install. It will take 3-5 minutes to install.

Yoast SEO Plugin for your Blogger - softaculous
Yoast SEO for Blogger - softaculous

Step 2 - Then Click on the WordPress Admin link and it will open the WordPress Blog Admin Panel.

Yoast SEO Plugin for your Blogger - Admin panel
Yoast SEO for Blogger - Admin panel

Step 3 - Hover to Plugin, then Click on ADD NEW Option and search for Yoast SEO. It will install Yoast Plugin in WordPress and after that click on Activate.

Yoast SEO Plugin for your Blogger - Yoast installation

Step 4 -
Now Add New post and write your article. Once you have done writing the article, scroll down to the bottom to see the suggestions and recommendations which are given by Yoast SEO Plugin

Write post title and check the Yoast SEO is showing the line green or red. If it is red make it green. Check the Slug and Meta description and correct it according to your requirement. Keep the line green here also.

Make sure that you have added some Outbound links and Internal links. Enter your Keyword in Focus Keyword and make them bold. Also, add Synonyms of your focused keyword.

Add some Images and add your focused keyword in the alt tag. 

Correct it accordingly and copy and paste it to your Main blog which is Blogger!

Yoast SEO for Blogger - Best Settings for WordPress Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the best and Popular tool for On-Page Optimization. While Using Yoast SEO to write articles, we have to take care of some things. So, it can perform very well. It has some great functionality while we are not aware of, just because of a lack of knowledge.

Step 1 - Open WordPress Admin panel, Click on Yoast SEO > General > Features. It will open the Features settings page. Keep all options as on.

Best Yoast SEO settings for Blogger

Step 2 - Now open the 'Webmaster Tools' option. Copy the Google verification code from the google search console and paste it here in the Google verification code box. You can also do it for other Search engines.

Step 3 - Open Search Preference > Contents Type. Toggle all options on. Keep Title as it is. Type %%excerpt%% in Meta Description. It will take initial words from your article. It will help when you will forget to add a Meta description.

SEO Check Yoast SEO for blogger website
Yoast SEO Plugin for Blogger
These are the best settings that I use while writing an article on WordPress by using Yoast SEO Plugin.

My words on Yoast SEO plugin for blogger website...

Make sure that you have followed all the above steps carefully. You can not actually install the Yoast SEO Plugin for Blogger platform, it is not possible. But you can take advantage of the Yoast SEO Plugin in blogger by installing it on WordPress Website. 

In which, you just have to write your article and check it using the installed plugin. Check and analyze it in WordPress and write it or copy-paste it in blogger. Write a long article. 

So, you will get the best results from Yoast SEO Plugin and your article will Rank in the top 10 on google.

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