5 Awesome Android app that you will love !! - 2021

5 Awesome android app you will love!! - 2020
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Do you like apps that solve your problem within a minute? Here I'm will share some awesome and cool apps that you will love! Now, these are the apps that I have found from a lot of other sources. So, let's see how each and every app works!!



The next app is app notifier, which is a quite simple app. But its impacts are big for Android users.

From the newer version, the Google play store is no longer showing notifications for updated apps. So, Android users are not happy with the new version. Now we thought it's a bug. But its actually an android feature.

So, the Google play store is no longer showing the notifications for updated apps. This app helps to show each and every app notification which is important for you. 

so we get to know about the changelog of the app and what is the new features are in the update. Finally, the App notifier is an Open-source app with no ads in it.

Link for the app is here(Google Playstore link) App Notifier

Activity bubbles

Activity bubbles

Google has developed some awesome apps which help you most with your day to day tasks. Just like Google recently released a new wallpaper app which is activity bubbles.

This is a simple wallpaper app that shows you the usage by adding bubbles to your home screen. So, by this, you can manage your battery usage.

When you will open your android device, it will show you the clean black home screen. 

You can download the app through this link(Google Playstore link) Activity bubbles

Beta Maniac

Beta maniac

The Beta Maniac is made for those people, who want early access to each app that is available on their mobile phones. 

Generally, this app is designed for the techies who like to test the beta version of apps.

This app is just like the Google Play Store which is signed in with the Google account. There will be all apps whose beta version is available in the Google Play Store. It's very cool that all the Beta apps available in one place.

The green tick means you have a beta version of that app, while the blue tick means you do not have a beta version of that app.

So just tap on an app that you want and install the Beta version of that app. It gets updated along with the google play store.

Check Beta maniac from here (Google Playstore link) Beta Maniac

Gesture plus


Return gestures & swipe up are the best feature of android 10. But, these gestures must be customizable because we are using an Android device.

You can download an option for that because it is an android. The gesturePlus an app that brings exactly that.

gesturePlus offers you to go back with just a single tap! Just tap on the navigation bar. There are a lot of people who don't like the back gesture of Android 10. So, this is well definitely easier. 

We can also use a long-press on the navigation bar to take a screenshot or to open any app. In the gesturePlus app, a lot of other customization options are available.

The gesturePlus app is available for free. while there is a paid version also with some extra features which you definitely like.

So is check it out from here (Google Playstore link) gesturePlus - Gesture Navigation Tuner!

Large file cleaner

Large file explorer

Nowadays, almost all smartphones come with base variants like 64GB storage. 64GB storage is a pretty good amount of storage. 

But, it fills after some time because of big-sized game files, HD Quality pictures, and Very High-quality videos like 4K. Here is an app that will your solve problem in a just single tap!

This is a simple app where you will need to open its dashboard and it will list the big sized files. It will show the biggest sized files on top. We just need to select unwanted files and delete them. 

Yeah like I said it's a very simple app. But if you want to clear some big unnecessary files on your phone that you might have forgotten about you should install a big file size.

Download it from here(Google Play Store link) Large file cleaner

My words for the above 5 Android apps...

These are some really new really awesome apps that you will really love! So, try them all.

If you know of any other great app. we will review it and I'll tell you the right information about it! let us know in the comments & share this article with your friends.

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