Static vs dynamic website - difference between static and dynamic website

Static vs dynamic web pages ?

Do you know what is static & what is dynamic? What is the Static & Dynamic Website, its behavior, structure, advantages-disadvantages? In case you are interested and just starting out with Static vs dynamic website. When we start creating a website, we have to keep in mind that, the important factor is to analyze that type you need and want. static or dynamic website? and the key difference between these two types is a web site scripting the dynamic web sites have.

What is the Webpage?What is web pages ?

The web page is our page which will be having some content that you require. so then suppose if you want Wikipedia information, if you want to search for anything like suppose, what is Java? so you can type on Google, what is Java? you will open a page ok that a page will be called a web page.

Normally web pages are of two types, one is a static web page second is a dynamic web page. now if we talk about creating a web page normally we have this up this markup language called HTML.

Static vs dynamic website - Structure, behavior, pros & cons:

Static and Dynamic are told based on the website content. Static content or Dynamic content. it will also be a difference between static and dynamic web pages.

Static means that doesn't change. So on a static website, you don't have the option to change website content like photos, videos or text, etc. The same content that was given during the website launch, will remain unchanged forever. Unless you call a developer to change it from time to time. But really this is a hectic process.

But if your website is dynamic, then you can change the photos, videos, text, etc. by yourself whenever you want. To change the content you will have login protected administrative panel, where you will log in with your password and update all the content. It is like the way you post photos, videos on social media.

Static websites are wr
itten in HTML code and the content on the page will be constant. It means that Static websites cannot be changed without changing the source code by the actual developer. and it's one of the biggest disadvantages of static websites.
Static vs dynamic website - working of static websites
Working of static website

Whereas dynamic websites use client-side or server-side languages and can change the content dynamically, while the page is running on the browser. for example, a content management system allows the owner of the website to easily change the content without any help from a developer.

Dynamic websites have dynamic or changing information that displays according to specific queries. The page acts almost like a template, and the dynamic part of the website displays a string from the database that correlates with the content. Static websites, on the other hand, doesn’t change. They can be manually created or automatically generated based on a page’s headline. 

An important SEO benefit of static websites over dynamic websites is that gives more prominence to your keywords. When created properly, they naturally show the page’s relevance to queries, putting forward relevant keywords that tell search crawlers(and users!) what your site is about. 
Of course, Google has repeatedly said that it can crawl dynamic websites. From its webmaster central blog, it says, “The decision to use database-driven websites does not imply a significant disadvantage in terms of indexing and ranking." But Google also says, “Static websites might have a slight advantage in terms of clickthrough rates because users can easily read the URLs.” 

Static vs dynamic website - Working of Dynamic website
Working on a dynamic website

It’s easy to see that static websites are more user-friendly. They make it clear what a page is about, giving a preview of what readers are in for. They’re also more sharing-friendly, easier to copy and paste. Regardless of whether search engines can crawl dynamic websites, Google always wants to work toward providing the best user experience– and static websites are hands down better for users. 
A static website looks like a printed page. Static Website contains a fixed number of pages and the content here stays fixed all the time. Facebook, for example, is a dynamic website in which both server-side and client-side is regularly updated. It can create web pages and generate content dynamically.

On the static page, the client requests in the server, the server gives you a response. On a dynamic page, the client requests the server. So, It does not have a page. It will interact with the application server, it will ask you for the data. The application server will go to the database to process the data and gives it back.

But, are there any benefits of static websites. well, first of all, it takes less time to load. because it has only some markup content. Page Speed is an important factor in terms of performance. Dynamic websites take a lot of time to process the request on the server as compared to a static website and send information to the user.

Here are some Static and dynamic website examples...
Static websites - information article blogs and
Dynamic websites - Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc.

Static vs dynamic website - Security in Static & Dynamic websites:

Another thing is security and using the static website a user cannot change the server data. communication is possible only one way from server to client. That's why they are highly secure and of course, it's easy to develop a static website, as it requires less technical knowledge.

It can be developed much cheaper and faster but it will lack the reach functionality and intuitiveness of dynamic websites. Everything is fine, but it just depends on what you're building.

If there is no need for a database content management system and dynamic content update. Then, a static website with its speed simplicity security, and code will be more beneficial for the owner. The user otherwise dynamic websites will be a better choice.

A static web page means all the pages are always present. While the dynamic web page means pages not available. you have to make an available with the help of the application.

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