how to increase organic traffic? Google will help you to increase organic traffic - Google Question Hub

how to increase organic traffic - Google Question Hub

How to increase organic traffic? Do you know Google wants to help you to increase organic traffic? You just need to write a quality article for that and share this article link with Google. Google will send Organic traffic to your website.

You will not have to wait for that traffic, you will get this traffic within a few days. No matter how old your website is? or your website built with Blogger or WordPress. And this traffic will be 100% Pure Organic. 

One best thing about this platform is that Google will not charge you for this! But, what is this platform which will increase your organic traffic for free? This is Google's Question hub!

Google Question Hub - Platform which will help to increase organic traffic

Google Question Hub is the platform developed by Google to provide exact information to the user by asking the same question to article writers or publishers. Google Question Hub will give you free organic traffic and unlimited article topic ideas.

The major benefit of the platform is you will get free organic traffic by providing a solution to the question. But, you'll have to follow some steps. 

You'll need to find the right question where you have to provide the topic name and google Question Hub will provide you topic ideas and Questions related to the topic name. Will get traffic from those visitors who are searching for a specific topic or a specific question?

Question hub google search - how to increase organic traffic?

Create proper & richer content on that topic. You have to write SEO A friendly article which will fulfill the readers need. Do remember that write a relevant article that is related to the Question. Otherwise, your search intent will not match and you will not get much traffic.

Track your record of previously answered questions just like you track your website data in Google analytics. It provides details like How many questions are answered, no of articles, clicks & impressions. 

How to increase organic traffic by Google Question Hub?

1. First of all, login to Question Hub using your google account which is linked with your website's Google search console. Press allow and tick in front of your website name. then select your website language preference and Click OK.

Question hub search - how to increase organic traffic?

2. Then search & add some topics which you wish to write an article on. Let's consider, the topic 'Whatsapp'. Add it to your dashboard. There you will get some questions regarding your added topic. And this will help you to write an article.

Question hub answer - how to increase organic traffic?

3. After that, Choose the Question wisely on which you have to write a content-rich article. Press on Answer. Add a link to the written article or you can add a previously written article link. 

If you want to write SEO Friendly article which will rank easily on google, read this article - How to increase google ranking for free

Question hub link - how to increase organic traffic?

4. If you want to add more questions. Then click on 'Add Questions'. Choose the topic you want. Then Add Questions. Then write an article accordingly and submit the link.

5. Finally Just press on Performance and grant access. Now, wait for the traffic & track your record of the submitted article.

Why is organic traffic important?

Organic Traffic is an important factor. But why? Let consider, you are getting some traffic inorganically for your website. 

This traffic you are getting maybe from social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Some people attract the audience through Quora, Reddit, and Medium. 

But this is temporary traffic. You may get a huge amount of traffic. For a day, Week? What will you do after that? All those mentioned traffic sources are limited & Short term.

In another hand, you are getting Organic traffic maybe through Google, Bing, or any other search engine, where your article will be available there for a long time. That why organic traffic is so important.

If you want to increase your website reach for the Long term, you'll definitely have to work on Organic traffic.

My opinion on how to increase organic traffic...

So, If you want to get more organic traffic with fewer efforts and for free. You'll definitely have to use the techniques which I have mentioned here. Because I personally use those techniques. and it helped me a lot to gain some Organic traffic. 

I have seen that some people often buy organic traffic. Yes! you can. But if you are a new blogger or if you don't have that much budget. I will suggest you, do not buy organic traffic.

So, what are your idea, and which technique you use to increase organic traffic? Comment your ideas & queries regarding how to increase organic traffic in the comment section below. 

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