Which SEO Strategies you can use to improve google ranking?

How to increase google rating for free - SEO Tips & Tips
We often question ourselves that 'How to increase google ranking for free'? What we need to do to increase google ranking for free? how to improve SEO? while writing SEO-rich articles. I have an answer. You just have to follow these free 6 techniques to improve your site performance. So, your website will also get recognize just like other top websites for Guaranteed.

So, the above 6 tips are most important from an SEO Point of view and to increase google ranking.

1. Do some keyword research

Keyword research - How to increase google ranking for free
When you search for something and google shows millions or billions of results. Google has to choose the 10 pages to show the result. Keyword difficulty(SEO Difficulty) is the main factor in choosing those 10 pages for google. Keyword research will help you to solve issues 'How to increase google ranking for free'.

If you want to rank your blog post in the Top 10 pages of Google, you should have to do some keyword research. If you are a new blogger or your website is new, I would suggest you use Free SEO Tools like Ubersuggest or TheHoth, Otherwise, you can go with ahref or SEMRush.

So, the main point is 'always target Low Keyword Difficulty or Low SEO Difficulty', i.e. you have to target SEO or Keyword Difficulty of 0-10 out of 100. Another point is you have to Search for a Long-tail keyword.

A Long-tail keyword means a more specific definition of a certain keyword. For e.g. Sometimes we search for 'WhatsApp', this is a Short-tail keyword. 'Whatsapp for iOS' is a long-tail keyword. A long-tail keyword describes more about short tail keyword or a normal keyword.

2. Search intent of the user

Focus on the Search intent of the user. Search intent is basically an intention of a user while searching a specific keyword. You have to write the relevant content to the keyword or topic. Otherwise, what will happen is your keyword will get rank by Google but you will not get any traffic, and also your bounce rate will increase.

Google gives importance to the search intent of the user and displays the results. 
Don't take low difficulty & long-tail keywords only, but also do check if the content of the post is relevant to the selected keyword. Analyze the other related posts to the keyword and find exact user search intent.

3. Content is the King!

Content is the king of the SEO - How to increase google ranking for free
The length of the content should be at least around 1000-1500 words. Content is the King if you have to rank on google. So, do keyword research, and analyze the top 10 pages of that specific keyword. Check the word count of each page and calculate the average word count.

Do remember that, 'Content is the King of the SEO'.

If you follow all the required steps, then you'll definitely get good results. 

More words -> More Keywords -> More keywords will get index -> More Traffic!

Must include related keywords or google suggested keywords of your keyword. Including related keywords will increase your post word count and your post will cover more keywords. In the future, it can also rank for those related searches.

4. Find LSI Keywords

What is LSI? LSI Stands for the Latent Semantic Index. But what is LSI Keyword?
LSI Keyword is a key that has the same meaning as your keyword. Google the crawler also checks that we have included LSI Keyword on our page or not. 

In simple terms, the LSI Keyword is the synonym of your keyword. For example, we search on google for movies. Google will not only provide pages related to movies But also pages related to films, theatre, short films, etc.

5. Build Quality Backlinks

Build quality backlinks - How to increase google ranking for free
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Quality Backlinks are those backlinks that have been taken from the authorized website. Because backlinks help to increase google search ranking. Take backlinks from authorized websites. 

Don't take spam comment backlinks i.e. do not create backlinks by commenting on other websites. Those comment backlinks are often considered as Low-Quality backlinks. 

Quality Backlinks increases your Domain and Page Authority.

Then what can we do to create backlinks?

Do Guest posting: Guest posting is a good technique to create backlinks. Write a relevant article on your keyword and Submit it to the website that allows doing guest posting.

Broken link techniques: Broken links are also a valid method to create Backlinks. Search the broken link to another website which have the same search intent. Find their broken links and Mail the owner of the website about your idea. Request them to attach your blog post to a broken link.

Also do remember that creating backlinks will give you some traffic and Domain/Page Authority. On the other hand, keywords will rank your page. 

But, Google ranks your blog according to the keyword not by how many backlinks do you have. Google considers keywords as the first preference to the rank page along with google checks your Domain/Page Authority.

6. Be Consistent!

Be consistent - How to increase google ranking for free
The most important factor to maintain your Page Rank is the Continuity of the posts. 

Basically, what happens while indexing pages on each page of your website. Google crawler comes to your post crawls your page and gives you some ranking.

Consider, you are writing a blog post each week, then you write another one after one month or after some days or after some weeks. Google analyzes those activities and lowers the ranking of your blog posts. 

On the other hand, if you write blog posts time-to-time. Google crawler will recognize you as a Consistent writer and that helps to increase your Google search ranking.

If you wanted to increase your website speed, Refer to this How to increase the speed of website(WordPress & Blogger)

My words on how to increase google ranking for free ...

In conclusion, I would like to point out here. you have to follow above mentioned 6 steps to improve google ranking. Do keyword research, it is a must. Create an Engaging post, include LSI and related keywords inside your post. 

Create Backlinks as I have explained. Don't break your consistency in your post publishing. Submit your website to freewebsubmission and Ping it using Pingler or Ping-o-Matic.

I generally use those techniques to write my blog posts! So, Do follow them and increase your Google search ranking. Now, If someone asks you 'How to increase google ranking for free', then share this article with them.  If you have any queries, please comment down below...

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