Smart tricks - how to create high quality backlinks - complete guide!

How to create High quality backlinks? - Backlink Creator Tool - complete guide!
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Backlinks - Create high quality backlinks:

Want some backlinks for your website to grow your site organically? Here, I'll explain how to create high quality backlinks for free. Backlinks are basically the other side of the coin the opposite of that, so when other web sites or domains link to your site. 

Backlinks are incredibly important. Sometimes you may hear them referred to as inbound links or one-way links everybody's talking about the same thing.

So, why are backlinks so important so again we always say that content is king for Google and it's the most important thing when it comes to figuring out which sites the rank. 

Why Backlinks are so important:

It's important to note the best content is a little bit of a subjective term sometimes. It's a little tough to analyze content as a robot and figure out which content is the best for the user. So, they rely on these other signals and some of these signals include backlinks. 

A PageRank was the original algorithm upon which Google was founded and it's entirely powered by backlinks. so, as you can imagine backlinks still play a pretty important role in today's modern Google's search algorithm. so, backlinks are very important. I think we'll all agree but let's talk about what kind of backlinks are important.

Types of backlinks - Do-follow & No-follow:

How to create high quality backlinks - Types of backlinks
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So, here I am going to talk about our Follow VS No-follow links. So, I'm talking about backlinks. I'm really talking about following links, not links that are marked as rel equals no-follow or sponsor any of the new kind of tags that Google has. 

These are ways of indicating that Google doesn't follow these backlinks I'm not giving this site a vote. So, when someone's linking you with a no-follow tag. We don't think it counts.

Keep in mind that, Do-follow Backlink gives you Traffic & Authority, but No-follow Backlinks only gives the Traffic not any authority.

Google explicitly says, in general, they won't follow it there are of course of exceptions. so for example, if you're cited as a source may be on Wikipedia. There's a chance Google is going to follow that. because all Wikipedia external links are no-follow.

So, again there might be a chance and a lot of SEO will debate that. but, in general, it's easier to think in binary terms when it comes to this. If it's a follow link it counts if it's no-follow or sponsors link you just see it does not count. 

So don't run around commenting on a bunch of blogs trying to get a link again. because those are all gonna be no-follow. you want good valid links inside the content that's what we're referring to here.

Low-quality backlinks & High-quality backlinks:

So, how you want those backlinks to look, when they're pointed at your site. So, first, it's important to note, it's about quality and not just quantity when it comes to backlinks. 

As you get more backlinks, you become more an authority or more of an expert. so, what you really want are links from people that have more backlinks themselves or people with more PageRank. 

Those are going to be more valuable than a new website that just started. So for example, a link from the New York Times is worth more than your friend that may have just started a blog last week. Not all links are the same in Google's eyes. Also, you want to make sure you get a diverse range of links.

Here, High DA/PA website backlink is High Quality backlink, and Low DA/PA website backlink is Low Quality Backlink.

So, getting one for the New York Times might be awesome. Getting a thousand from the New York Times to be awesome. But, even more, awesome would be a thousand different people linking to you once each then a thousand times from a really amazing expert.

How to create high quality backlinks:

Here I'll tell you how to create High Quality Backlinks for free. But, the problem is how to create Backlinks. There are so many ways to create quality backlinks. I will explain each of that technique in brief...

1. Inter-linking of Posts.

Inter-linking is one of the effective methods to create backlinks if you have the high authority or Page authority. So, basically, Inter-linking is creating links of another blog post of the same website within another blog post.

Inter-linking also helps to decrease the Page Bounce Rate, and improve the Average Session Duration of the page or your blog post.

2. Create Do-Follow Backlinks:

To build High-quality Do-Follow Backlinks, sometimes you have to contact the High authority Domain or High Authority Page website's owner. They can either accept your proposal or they may deny. You have to create a good relationship with those website owners. you have to create trust with them, that your proposal will be beneficial for both of you.

Trust me, this very time-consuming process. I have one method by using which you can create quality backlinks for your Website or blog by Commenting, creating backlinks to their post directly, and by guest posting.

The tool's name is DropMyLink. By using which, you can get some backlinks for your blog. 

How to create high quality backlinks - Drop My Link
  1. Just open the above link, and register your account.
  2. Type your Keyword in a textbox, select your category and footprint according to your need.
  3. For Do-Follow comments, I have to give Keyword as Blogging tips in a textbox. and selected category as Comments backlinks and footprint as Do-follow comments.
  4. Click on the search query. Open the website which has a high Domain or Page Authority. For that, you can use Mozbar Extention.
  5. Now start creating High-Quality Backlinks!!!

3. Creating backlinks on Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is a great source of knowledge, and people often visit Wikipedia every day to gain some information. website generally receives a massive amount of traffic. By creating backlinks in Wikipedia, you can drive some great amount of traffic to your site or blog.
  1. First of all, open the Now go to the account section and register your account.
  2. Now search on google, Any broken Wikipedia link finder tool. here I am using Wikigrabber.
  3. Inside the search box, search for your keyword.
  4. Then click on the Dead link. Then Dead link Page, Search on Page(CTRL + F) Dead. You will get some dead links there.
  5. Manually Replace them or create new by clicking EDIT(Source editing).
  6. Now you have successfully created a backlink in Wikipedia.

Final words on How to create high-quality backlinks...

So, by using given methods and SEO techniques you can create high-quality backlinks. I hope those methods will definitely work for you to grow your own blog or Website. 

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