Boost your Windows 10 devices! Tips & tricks to tune your PC & laptops

How to speed up the Windows 10 devices
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          How to speed up the Windows 10 device - here I will share 5 Tips & Tricks that will help to boost your PC's Speed and Performance. Many factors affect your PC's performance which results in lag during use or sometimes PC MAy get Hang because of low RAM or Weaker CPU architecture. we will discuss that in detail and also on how to solve those issues to optimize the performance.

1. Disable Auto-Startup Programs

          Auto-Startup is one of the reasons which eats more memory. When we start our PC then eventually Windows also starts some Applications and Programs which increases your Random Access Memory(RAM) & CPU utilization, this results in Low performance and speed. 
          In such a scenario, we have to disable the Program auto-startup. First of all Right click on Taskbar then select Task Manager.

How to speed up the Windows 10 devices

Click on Startup Tab > Right-click on Program which you have to disable.

This will prevent from Program auto startup & will save you memory which helps to boost your PC Performance.

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2. Uninstall/Remove unwanted programs & software

       More no. of installed Software slowdowns your PC. Remove Application Software and Programs which are unwanted or which you haven't used for a long time. This will create more space in your Hard Drive.

More Space, less load on Hard Drive = Better Performance & speed.

How to speed up the Windows 10 devices

Search for Control Panel, and open it. Right-click on Programs that you have to Uninstall/Remove.

3. Remove unwanted files, folders, and Applications shortcuts from Desktop

          Keeping files and folders on the desktop may lead to low speed and laggy performance. Remove or Move the files & Folders to C:, D: or a specific Drive.
Make sure that you have fewer shortcuts and files on the desktop.

Remove unwanted files, folders, and Applications shortcuts from Desktop - Speed up the windows

4. Remove Temporary & Prefetch files

        Temporary files(OR TEMP files) & prefetch files are junks files that decrease the performance of the windows. Temporary & prefetch files make your system slow. Removing those files helps to optimize system performance.

How to speed up the Windows 10 devices

To remove those files we have to perform three actions which are as follows:

1) Removing prefetch files: Press WINDOWS + R, then type prefetch.
Then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER, then it will open prefetch Folder...
then Press CTRL + A then click DELETE. (Do not forget to remove it from Recycle bin)

2) Removing TEMP files: Press WINDOWS + R, then type %Temp%
Then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER, then it will open a temporary Folder...
then Press CTRL + A then click DELETE. (Do not forget to remove it from Recycle bin)

3) Use Tree command: Using Tree command to reset file structure. It will display the folder's tree structure.

5. Perform Disk cleanup & close the unwanted program

       Performing Disk & Drive cleanup is the best practice to increase your PC Performance. There are so many tools that are available in the market which will tune your PC and clean your disk junk files(like Temporary files, DirectX shader files, internet cache files, etc.) very effectively. Windows also have its in-built Cleanup tool known as 'Windows Disk Cleanup'. 

How to use Windows Disk Cleanup :

1) Open Windows File Manager then right-clicks on the Disk you want to perform Disk cleanup. For e.g. Right-click on C: Drive > Properties > Click on Disk Cleanup select files you want to delete. (NOTE: Dis-select Downloads otherwise it will delete all downloaded files from your system)

How to speed up the Windows 10 devices

2) Close unwanted application & Programs: Close unwanted application software & Programs from the right side of the Taskbar(as shown in picture). Right-click on the application you have to close, then click on Exit or Quit.

How to speed up the Windows 10 devices


As I have shared 5 Tips & Tricks with you guys here. Do follow those techniques mentioned above I belives that will help you.
1. Disable Auto-Startup Programs
2. Uninstall/Remove unwanted programs & software
3. Remove unwanted files, folders, and Applications shortcuts from Desktop
4. Remove Temporary & Prefetch files
5. Perform Disk cleanup & close the unwanted program
I hope those tricks may help you !!!

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