5G is Not safe for us ??? but why??

5G Threats
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5g internet is a lot worse than we thought. 5G the new technology that's gonna be taking over 4G which is actually a hundred times faster than that. you're gonna be pretty soon getting 10 gigabytes of internet per second wherever you are in the country. A second to put that into perspective you can download Fortnite in one second.

I know that sounds extremely cool you can download movies stream everything in 4k, it's all gonna be new and revolutionary this is gonna make room for new breakthrough technologies like self-driving cars and even the Internet of Things, which basically means that objects of everyday life will start to talk to each other like my toaster will talk to my thermostat I know this sounds extremely cool.

You're right it is extremely cool self-driving cars are not gonna be a thing of the future they're actually here today.

5g is making room for that to happen the Internet of Things which means that toasters and thermostats and light bulbs can talk to each other that coming too.

5G Threats - Dangers of Upcoming 5G .......

5G Threats

Before I get into the negatives like cancer, headaches, disrupted sleep, and depression there's something else that you guys have to know as well. So right now 4G towers which we all use are placed every 10 miles apart.

1. So that means that you can be spied on within those 10 miles and that's not that bad you know somebody isn't gonna find you within the 10-mile radius that's pretty large. But, with 5g since the millimeter frequency is so high and fast because it is obviously giving off 10 gigs a second where ever you are.

They're gonna have to put small cell towers on everyday objects like a street lamp or a building or a parking structure or schools or corporate offices they're gonna have to be putting these little boxes everywhere you go.

There's going to be one 5g tower every 100 meters so that means you're going to be seeing hundreds and hundreds of 5. You tower every single day and wherever you go there's probably going to be one.

So why is this bad for us well see how I told you earlier that 4G towers are placed every 10 miles apart and you can be tracked right now within those 10 miles and it's not that scary well since 5g towers are gonna be placed every 100 meters you're going to be tracked in real-time wherever you go wherever you move you're going to be completely tracked down to the feet.

So why is this bed for us you see how earlier I told you that 4G towers replaced every 1 to 10 miles apart and you're being tracked right now within those 10 miles they can't get your exact coordination.

Well, things are about to change, since 5g towers are placed every 100 meters they're going to know exactly where you are giving or take a few feet. You're going to be tracked in real-time every step that you take is to be tracked because since the upload and download speed is so fast it can transmit that kind of signal.

5g is an excellent tracker and this may or may not be a coincidence but our privacy as we know it is no longer going to exist within the next two to four years. So what I'm trying to say is if you go to your friend's house down the block your phone will connect to the 5g tower that's closest to him now the government or AT&T or even hackers will know exactly where you are within those hundred meters and if not they can get even more closely on your location than that. 2. There is no running from this technology it's gonna be everywhere you go every street you go every Park every building every place you go there's going to be a 5g Tower every 100 meters and this means that people with bad intent can get your location a lot easier.

3. But, if the extinction of your privacy doesn't scare you then maybe your health will even 4G towers are already deadly. There was unplaced close enough to an elementary school in Sacramento California, 4 kids from that school got cancer. The doctors told the parents that this cancer was 100% environmental.

The parents were extremely skeptical of the tower so they asked the district to run their tests on it in the district did and they said oh it's completely fine so the parents didn't believe that any more than you or I did.

So they hired their own EMF expert and he went out there and he found levels a lot higher than the district did. He said, it is absolutely not safe and he would not send his kids there.

This can't be a co-incidence look this isn't the common cold where spreads from kid to kid. This is cancer this is life-threatening.

If four kids in that same exact school got cancer are at the same time for the same reasons, if that doesn't wrap things up for you then I don't know what will. The scariest part is this was from one 4G tower just imagine when 5g is placed beaming into your homes and Families all day long wherever you go.

Now there's no running from it at all. even if you change locations even if you change your house even if you move 30 miles down south.

You're still gonna be tracked and you're still gonna be getting the negative effects of 5g towers being placed extremely close to you. The reason why 5g is so much worse is that the frequency is so much higher.

Just like the lower the frequency is the longer it can travel well. Since a 4G tower can shoot from 10 to 36 miles if I'm not mistaken a 5g tower can go longer than a football field which is a hundred yards and that's not far at all. 4. Besides the fact that we're going to be literally losing all of our privacy since we've already lost most of it to Facebook and Google, now we're gonna have our locations being tracked by anybody who has access to the Internet service providers South Tower data like the government Packers and the ISP of course.

With that being said is money even comparable to the security of our health and our privacy?

5. For those of you that don't understand why high-frequency radiation is bad for us it's radiation it's a carcinogen it can cause cancer it can create tumors in your body.

Now I'm not saying that everybody will get cancer from this but there's gonna be a higher increase of people that actually do and especially if you are sensitive to that certain kind of radiation which you will never know until you get tested. Then as you find out it's probably gonna be too late because 5g is beaming right at your house where you live and there nowhere to run or hide.

If just playing a regular song on your phone can change your mood and change how you feel for that day. Just imagine what could happen with high millimeter frequencies being beamed at your house all day long 24/7.

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5G Threats - Preventions: What we can do to protect ourselves?

5G Threats - Prevention from 5G

So what are some things that we can do about this because we are technically powerless? After all, all the power went back to the federal government and big wireless companies? 1. You can do is to leave your phone away from your head. 2 to 3 inches is fine also using speakerphone is so much safer for you. Especially if you're driving in a car because that's when the EMFs are at their highest point.
2. You can do is to leave your phone out of your pocket as much as you can. leave your phone as far away from your body as much as you can. Because there our frequency is going in and out of it all day long unless you have an airplane that nobody does ever have on.

These frequencies have a lot of bad side effects so just keep it away from your body put on the table or just leave a far from you as much as you can. 3. And a final tip which is actually the most important leaves your phone away from you as you're sleeping.

Better yet keep your phone on airplane mode if you don't have anybody that's gonna be calling you late at night for any emergencies. Keep your phone on airplane mode at night and keep it far from your bed.

This way that all EMS will be blocked from entering your phone and it's gonna be virtually harmless for you.

Conclusion - 5G threats .......

5g sounds amazing but if you see the negatives that come along with it it's really not worth it. The year 2020 to 2025 is gonna be when 5G is completely rolled out. So do you believe that crystals can actually help you at all if you do believe so comment down below because I would love to see if those actually work that seems pretty cool so that wraps it up to try to make your voice heard try to end 5g before he even starts to save our privacy security?

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