Will the Mixed Reality be future Immersive technology?

What is Mixed Reality? future's Immersive technology!

Mixed Reality - future's Immersive technology

Imagine a world where you can travel anywhere at the speed of thought. You can learn almost everything about anything. No, it's not your imagination it is reality. mixed reality to be exact.

Mixed Reality is amongst the fastest growing and fascinating technologies. Unlike Augmented Reality(AR) users can interact with virtual objects and Mixed Reality. What was nearly impossible a few years ago and was limited to our imagination like interacting with your favorite Marvel superhero is now because of MR technology.

Mixed Reality is all about blending the real world with virtual reality. Mixed reality is the upgraded version of augmented reality. Unlike virtual reality, where the physical world is shut out mixed reality encompasses the real world in combination with VR to create new fascinating experiences. 

But, it is a hybrid of the two. While Mixed Reality is not a new concept and was first developed in 1992 at the Armstrong laboratories of the United States Air Force.

Applications of Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality applications aren't vast and their main uses are in the field of education training sports health care space missions and even construction. Though many use cases are in the testing phase this idea isn't far-fetched by any means. 

The best example of Mixed Reality is the Microsoft hololens which is just a pair of Mixed Reality smart glasses. It allows you to experience 3D holograms that melt seamlessly into the real environment. You can interact with those augmentations using your bare hands and get all the information you need.

Today sophisticated Mixed Reality technologies are finding applications in various fields of our lives. Once film producers start to incorporate Mixed Reality and Film production. Watching a movie on a flat, the screen will seem like ancient technology. Imagine being able to see your favorite celebrities perform a set in your room. 

Mixed Reality is finding used everywhere even in space. The educational system is going to benefit a great deal from mixed reality. Soon students might be able to take interactive classes from the comfort of their home.

The same principle will apply to corporate meetings. Microsoft is currently working on a project called hollow portation. Individuals using mixed reality headset displays such as hololens will be able to see hear and interact with remote participants in 3D as if they are present in the same physical space.

Applications and Mixed Reality will also revolutionize the healthcare sector. Surgeons can operate on their patients in much more effective ways than traditional methods. 

This may allow surgeons to identify the specific part of the anatomy of the patient, where the surgical intervention is needed thus complete the surgery with superior efficiency. 

Of course, military use of mixed reality is going to play a big role in propelling and improving em our technology. The US Army is planning to buy 40,000 pairs of mixed reality goggles. 

The IVAs goggles derive from Microsoft's hololens program, which will allow soldiers to identify friendly and enemy forces and aim their weapons without directly seeing the enemy. 

The goggles will analyze the war condition that happens in front of soldiers and it will display the required information to the soldiers to make decisions fast and more accurately.

My words on Mixed Reality... 

A Mixed Reality experience combines elements of both AR and VR, where you can interact with both the real world and the digital elements. Immersive technologies are quickly becoming a part of our daily lives and they are here to stay. 

Not only enhancing human experiences but helping brands market their products effectively and successfully to attract their target audiences. From gaming to buying furniture immersive technologies are taking the world by storm.

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